Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smells like roses!

Hi everyone! apologies for my very late post today but I have been ill. Been to the doctor and got medicine so should be on the mend :)
Todays card was inspired by the roses growing in our garden here at home, they are in full bloom and are so absolutely beautiful!
I took a few pics to share with you all and will do so now before I show you my card:

This isnt a rose but I couldn't help taking a photo of the bee collecting pollen.

Ok, so the last pic isn't of a rose, but it was taken outside and I couldn't help but want to show you my new hairdo and my very SEXY husband :)

Ok, ok, stop ogling and lets get to the card shall we? As per usual, the paper came out of my scrap stash, but unfortunately I do not have any large pieces left for card bases and I had to use fresh paper. This card was quick and simple, as you can so obviously see. I cut two different contrasting patterns, adhered them together and hid the seam with a strip of ribbon. You'll notice that the top pattern is actually a picture of the bottom half of a rose. Instead of inking around the edges, I stiched a line around the borner with my black steadler fine tip. Three silver bling stones on the bottom right hand corner finish off the look.

There you go, a few lovely pics and a simple card from your ickle sick blogging friend :) Hope you all have or will have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Poorly Petra.....aaaaawww....sweetie, hope you feel better very soon.....the card is very pretty :).
    Roses are the most perfect of flowers and don't need much to set off their beauty. Can you tell they are my faves, lol. I had deep red roses in my wedding bouquet....huge tearoses that smelt divine....thanks for reminding me, and bringing a sense of summer to freezing England. :)

  2. oh my poor friend, i hope you will feel better so really soon. was already a bit worried as i looked this morning and there was no post from you, then looked after school and no post...hope your hubby will care for you and that this sickness will back off immediantly....big warm hugs and positive thoughts and prayers

  3. oh and lovely card you made..as always :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon. The roses are so lovely at this time of year and your card is gorgeaous too.


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