Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hail storms

Last week Thursday we had a massive hail storm in our area. Our poor dogs, poor cars, poor trees, poor roses.

Thankfully the big dogs outside have dog houses to hide in, and I brought Jenga inside (yes, spoilt brat. she does have her own dog house outside too).

I had brought my FIL home from the hospital that day, we sat and watched the hail fall in amazement. Of course, I had to capture it all on camera. Not very professional looking, but who's gonna complain anyway, it's the fantastic hailstorm that counts right?


...come out, come out wherever you are!

A two week, dry, crafty spell is not what I asked for, and is most certainly not something that I am enjoying very much. In my own defense I must admit to trying my hand at a card on Saturday night, failing and throwing a tantrum fit for a two year old.
I consoled myself with a book, a blankie and a good ole cuddle on the couch with my hubby.

All this said and done and I really am itching to make something, and it has to be soon. Before I forget what coloured paper looks like and how my craft knife actually works. Imagine me trying to figure out how the retractable blade pulls out? hmmm...

I have, in the mean time, busied myself with creating a few sketches to work from. I find the process quite fun and enjoyable. Here's the first one I created, feel free to use it :) I only ask that you credit me if you do.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Colouring times equal fun times...

...sometimes. I struggle with colouring of images for my card projects. Really. I do. And it's not for lack of equipment either. I have Sharpies, koki's, Steadler fine tips, crayons, pencil crayons, fancy pencil crayons. Listing them out like this makes me feel kind of like a hoarder, but then which of us crafter's isn't?

Anyway, I struggled with colouring this image until I had a look at the packaging that the stamp came in. It was like a light bulb came on in my head and was flashing at lightning speed. I am good at copying. Whether it's actually drawing something or colouring it in, making a box or putting together a Scrapbook LO. I am good and it's a talent. It's probably the reason why I could never be an original artist.

So I picked up my sharpies and coloured my image by looking at how the packaging had 'coloured' her and came up with this (granted, much brighter and funkier) version:

It's not as expertly done as some of the 'professionals' out there in big wide card making world, but I think I did pretty well according to my standards and experience.

I put together the card with a mixture of patterned and plain cardstock, and adorned it with a big red bow. Bow envy anyone?

Put together, it looks like this:

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! it's the weekend!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make a crap card great day!

Ahem, I apologise for my choice of words in explaining the blog post.....Sorry. But it really was true and I did make a crap card great, promise!

When I first started making card, I thought I was so clever. I made little note cards out of my scraps and used wage pockets for envelopes. Clever, yes. pretty? no. Well, not to my eye anyway. Not after a year of making cards and learning from some really talented people out there.

I failed to take a photo of the 'before', but can explain it pretty easily. the card was just a base with one piece of patterned paper on it. The envelope had one piece of embossed cardstock on it, with a button sewn to the bottom left corner.

I scratched like an eager chicken through my stash and found some die cut hearts, and heart bling and a worthy stamp. The die cut hearts have been lying in a black hole for the last two years, I think they are happy to see the light of day.

I added the hearts, stamped the sentiment and voila!

The envelope was treated with some patterned paper, glossy accents and the heart bling.

Don't they just look lovely together?

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, I'm finding it difficult to believe that we're almost half way through the month already!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mix and Match

I have been having a lot of fun lately, putting different pattern pieces together on projects. I also seem to be gravitating towards bright, fun colours, and away from my preferred vintagy, romantic hues. Not sure why this is but I like it all the same.

This card uses new and scrap paper, and a lot of glitter glue :) I don't have the cash for stickles, so I have three bottles of regular ole R10.00 glitter glue from the stationery store. Works a wonder I tell you!


I put together two fabric flowers, a sentiment that I cut from a sheet, a brad and some maya road pins for embellishment. Is it just me, or this card slightly festive looking?

I did get to crafting a whole bunch of stuff last night, had so much fun and I can't wait to post all my creations :) Hope you will all have a stunning day, wherever you may be!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 - A Year in Review: Week 25

Kapow! wham! Bam! Peeeeew! .....

....No, I did not go mad :) These are typical sounds in our house when my hubby plays games on our PlayStation! Naturally, this was the highlight of Week 25. We play games on our PlayStation so often that I had to dedicate at least one of the weeks in my review to it. Granted, Hubster plays more than I do, but I still get my fair share (when I'm not crafting, that is).

I am proudly admitting that I used another Let's Scrap sketch on this one. They make life sooooo much easier! no more sitting, staring at paper, wondering what to do with it all :)
I did use scraps, but the base page is a clean, new, shiny piece out my pile of clean and shiny's.

First pic up is a close up of the brads I used. One big, pretty, spotted one from my friend Ace and three tiny's from my regular stash. The tiny one's seem to have got a bit squashed, I may have been too enthusiastic in my hammering of their backsides, but I must tell you that their quality is very poor and I am sorry I bought the pack.

Next up is my very own embellishment, made from pure scrappy goodness! I free handed the 'blast' onto the blue cardstock, then sort of traced a line around it on black cardstock, leaving a little matt gap. The centre circle was punched with a circle punch that belongs to my very kind MIL.

My main heading, sums up the load noise of the types of games my hubby likes to play. KAPOW! I traced the letters, using wooden letters in my stash, onto yellow cardstock. I then stuck it onto a strip of black cardstock and cut it all out to look like it had come out of a comic book strip.

I had to include journaling, it seems to be a staple for this book and describing each week as it goes by. I can only thank Mrs Nate (ooh! more on her later, and our big Secret Pal reveal!) for this idea. It reads: She said: I will take photo's of you playing your PlayStation for Week 25! He said: What a good idea...Not really.. Actually, He said...What are you doing?
Also, in the final LO photo, you will see words on some of the photo's. They are also compliments of Mrs Nate, from her Birthday package to me :)

I love the final layout, how it resembles a comic book full of action :) and the fact that I was creative in my embellishments and used up so much scrap paper!

That's it for now, I am thinking on a proper post to reveal MY Mrs Nate :) and all her wonderful goodness! Have a lovely Tuesday!


Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 - A Year in Review: Week 24

I know that my weeks are a little backwards due to my post with Jenga last week (using an AiFactory image), so let's rewind a bit :)

Week 24 brought an amazing experience...viewing a total Lunar eclipse. wow! I can't remember all the facts around the eclipse, but I do know that it was a rare occurence that only happens every few years.  Loved putting this one together using another Layout from from Let's scrap :)

I used a mixture of scraps and new paper on this LO, it really is difficult to make a Scrapbook LO using only scraps when you need a humungously large 12x12 inch piece for the base! I did ensure though, that my journaling was done on scraps :) I made a litle boo boo on one of the blocks so I had to cut another small piece and stick it over...hmmm, does it look like it was meant to be there?

I also made use of my cuttlebug on this LO for the main title: Lunar Eclipse. It's actually a tag set. I cut the letters out for the word Lunar using the cuttlebug and then using my scissors, I cut off the top pieces that made them look like tags. I popped out the centre letters and stuck a piece of black cardstock behind each 'tag' so that the leters would look black and have more of an impact.

I cut letters out for the word eclipse too, but these are a normal letter set and I didn't need to cut any tags. I then adhered them all to a little circle I cut with my martha stewart circle cutter, don't you think it look like a mini moon?

I had to add the week in somewhere.... so I added another journaling piece. You can also see a bit of the ribbon I adhered to the page too!

Loved putting this together, it went soooooo quickly!

Bit disappointed with the quality of this pic, I think my lighting was off. hope you get the gist of it though.
Hope you are all well and enjoying a wonderful Monday so far :) Have a good one!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Friendship challenge at AiFactory!

I just couldn't resist a scrapbook page for my year in review when I recieved this week's digi. It's actually three weeks ahead of the Year in Review schedule but what the heck :) I'll show the pages in between from tomorrow :)

Anne, AiF DT member of note, chose this week's theme and image. The image we've worked with, and which will go free to the first ten downloads at the blog site, is called Best Friend's Forever. A little sneak for you (click on the pic to take you to the link at the AiF store if you miss the freebie):

Aptly, Anne chose the theme to be Friendship. She even has a delightful story about how her dog and cat truly are best friends on her blog post here. Hop on over and give her some love :)

We do not have any cats at home (yet) but I do consider our little pekingnese to be my BFF puppy :) How could I not document us welcoming her into our home as a highlight in my week in review book? She came to us in Week 29 and I have never looked back, not even when we were busy potty that's what I call love. Hahaha!

Anyway, on to the page! I found some really neat doggy chipboard die cuts in my embellie stash so they came in quite handy for extra highlights on the page. I also made use of gorgeous felt patterned paper (thanks Birdie!) to add some depth to the page. Oh! and the background Kraft, flower patterned paper looks just perfect don't you think (thanks again Birdie!)? K & Company stickers also helped in the form of a banner and flower string.


Of course the stunning Best Friends Forever digi fit perfectly under my journaling! I left the image uncoloured, but traced around it in brown ink and coloured the spots, eye's and noses in with the same pen. I used a Steadler fine tip to do this. I also wrote in the week along the side of the doggy's head.

I couldn't resist placing a ribbon around the photo with a bow...

The entire page, put together looks like this:

She sure was a cute puppy! Hope this inspires you to make not just a card with your digi images, but scrapbook pages and 3D items too! have a great day! and don't forget to grab the freebie before it disappears :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

World Card making day - card #2

I know this post is a day late but I didnt have full access to the internet yesterday, neither did I have the time (or the energy) to access it last night. My sister has arrived for her week long visit and it was a long day yesterday getting her to her various appointments.

Here is the second card I made on Sunday though. I used K&Company paper again, glittery ribbon and a die cut sticker off a really cheap 'made in China' set  :)

I refrained from inking any edges because I thought the paper deserved a really 'clean' look. I like the simplicity of it, havn't made anything like it in a very long time. Less fuss = more, I think :)

Anyways, tomorrow is time for a new challenge at the AiFactory blog so I hope you'll pop in to see what we have in store for you :) Until then, have a stunner of a day!


Monday, October 3, 2011

World Cardmaking day

So, apparently I missed world card making day on Saturday. How terrible of me... a papercrafter.... who enjoys making cards.... Hmmmm.

I promised to make two cards to make up for my forgetfulness, and two cards I did make! Quite chuffed with myself actually. I also managed to complete two Year in review LO's with photo's :) More on these later in the week.

For the sake of keeping you all entertained with a daily post, I will only show one of the cards I made in honour of world card making day. I dipped deep into my stash for this one, finding old K&Company die cuts and delicious K&Company paper.


The die cut on the bottom of the pattern paper was pre-cut by K&Company so it made for a stunning finish on the card. I inked everything in roan coloured ink and raised the pink die cut piece with the sentiment on foam. I also cut a piece of precious lace trim and added it just above the DP cut.

Have a lovely week everyone! I'm looking forward to having a post everyday for you :)