Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011: A year in Review - Week 9

Ok folks, Here it is! Week 9!

Remember the gorgeous photo's I showed you of our garden in bloom? Well, It was perfect for week's 9 focus :)

I made my own embellishments to mix in with a few that were perfect. I made little paper roses! and they were so easy to make...

I, of course, used flat backed pearls on the page and centered them in the flowers of my pattern paper (which was not a scrap I am afraid). I did the same with a few red bling stones.

I decided on using only one photograph on the page and that was of a yellow rose. The bud is so perfect!
I matted the pic onto some green pattern (from my scraps!) and then layered it over a diagonal piece made from red cardstock and vellum (both from my stash). I then placed my little handmade roses around it.

I decided an understated 'header' would work best and added the little tag onto which I wrote Week 9. You'll notice I also cut a few leaves and stuck some bought paper roses inbetween my own handmade ones. I also adhered a tiny ladybug on the top right hand corner :)

The final result....

So, another week (albe the post late...) gone and another to create :)

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  1. Now why don't my paper roses look like that? Can never get the darn things to stick together....Top Marks Ms P!


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