Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shamrocks are everywhere!

Hello everyone!
Last weeks challenge over at AiFactory was such a success and it was so exciting for me to view all the participants entries :) You can see who won here.

This weeks challenge theme is 'The Luck of the Irish', wont take you much guessing to figure out it's all about St. Patricks day will it :) You will have until 11:59 EST on Wednesday March 16th to upload your entries! You can go to the challenge blog here.

This week, the DT ladies were given the 'She is like the wind - II' image to work with, which you can find here at the AiF store. But remember you dont have to use an AiF image to join in the fun! (Though freebies can be found here)

Stunning image dont you think? I absolutely loved working with it! And this weeks challenge made me think of my dear friend Bridge who just loves St. Patricks day :) So B, I made this one with you in mind!

I think we should start with the image? I coloured her with my FABULOUS Sharpies and my soft artist pencils that hubby gave me a while back :) And because the tips are so nice and fine I was really able to stick inside those tiny areas. As you can see, I made her hair a flaming purpely (new word....) red and pink, I think it makes quite a fashion statement! I adhered flat backed pearls (Tee, these are fast becoming my new favourite embellishment) to the centres of a few of the flowers.

I layered the image with some foam, to have placed it flush onto the card didnt work for me and the foam definitely helped to add depth to what is actually  a very simple card.

The base of the card is a cream cardstock, while the green tree paper came out of my recently made scraps. I stitched around the pattern with a purple Steadler fine tip. A bright green ribbon and flower (with pearl centre) finished off the look.

Personally, I love the 'brightness' of this card. The colours really pop for me and I guess I'm slowly being converted to liking colours that are way on the other end of the vintage scale :)

Hope you'll all have a Terrific Thursday :)


  1. Wow what a great card, Wonderful image and you have coloured it so beautifully. Not a great green person, but love it in March with St. Patrick's day. Maybe I should have been Irish, or possibly having been taught by Irish nuns all my scooling days. Warm wishes

  2. Love the background paper and it looks like I wasn't alone giving her vibrant coloured hair :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better on the DT.

    Love Mandy xxx

  3. Wow P! Great card and am humbled by being mentioned. Honorary Irish in my book ;) Love the hair and must say makes the skin look porcelain. Beautiful card!

  4. OH woweeeee!!!
    That hair is FANTASTIC!!!!!!
    So so beautiful xx

  5. Love your card, great job coloring.

    Allie Gower
    Ai Factory Design Team

  6. Wow, are goin' all posh!
    What a beautiful card....Bridge is gonna flip! Will make a nice change for her, from all those Leprechauns..teehee!
    You asked about my's simple back-stitch....pierce the holes first....makes it easier and faster...take a small stitch, then go under it and come back up at the hole before it....errr...did that make sense....must be the Irish in me!! :)


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