Friday, October 26, 2012

A boy and his dog

*Silhouette bragging Alert*

So, I did it again, I used my silhouette for a card. Surprised much? I cannot begin to explain to you the ease with which you can put great projects together with this machine. I will never regret the purchase and if you've been on the fence about buying one or not, I suggest you go for it.

I made this one from a silhouette image of a boy, walking with his dog. I needed a card for hubby's birthday...last month. I struggle with male oriented cards in general and when I saw this image in the silhouette store, I knew I had to have it for my very own.

I cut the image onto some scrap black paper and layered it over a scrap piece of gingham paper. Oh My, but I do love my scraps :) I just wish that they would come to an end so I wouldn't feel guilty about cutting a new piece of paper every now and again :)

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Silhouette Image used:
- boy and dog silhouette

Challenges !
- The Crafty Pad: Use an Animal
- Fussy and Fancy: Anything Goes
- The the Craft room Door - Anything Goes
- Make it Monday: #112


Thursday, October 25, 2012

a tiny bit of musing and a 13 Arts Giveaway {Frosted Life}

For those who don't know, I am still in the process of studying for my second Bachelors degree, it takes a lot time and effort, and ultimately eats into my craft time. I am writing exams in early November, so while the craft posts are few and far between I thought I would enter a couple of blog candy's and share them with you as and when I enter :) Apologies in advance for all the solicitation you may see on my blog over the next two weeks :) But who doesn't like a little something for free, right? I do have a couple of projects that I've photographed and not yet posted though, so all is not lost yet!

Oh, And I've added a new addition to my side bar (see the top right hand side). I will be running a monthly poll, just to add a bit of spice to all our lives. I'll post the official results when the poll closes! I am also thinking of adding a bit of blog candy that relates to the polls, but I'm not sure how this would work. I may have to add an official post on the day I start each new Poll, with a Mr. Linky for those who vote to add their link? I could then do a draw of the numbers and send the candy to the winning number? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section of this post?

For now, I'll leave the first poll as is, just for fun :) So tell me, what time of day do you most prefer to craft?

On to the Blog candy I'm entering for:

You can win an entire pack of the new 'Frosted Life' collection.

It's a great mix of textured papers as well as muted designs.


1. Go to the 13 Arts blog HERE & add your name to the linky list!

2. Create a post showing an image of the new 'Frosted Life'

and talk about it like I have done here.

3. Sign up to become a follower of the 13 Arts blog.

4. LIKE 13 Arts on Facebook!

You have until midnight EST on the 3rd November to enter.

For every 40 entries there will be ONE winner.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Scrap Addict Giveaway

There's a lot of stuff up for grabs here. Tons of chipboard, from Scrap FX and various other manufacturers. Pink Paislee & Maya Road mistables & stickers, Studio Calico rub-ons, printed glitter die-cuts & beautiful Prima butterfly embellishments.
Head on over to Helen Tilbury's blog HERE for more details!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Magnetised Cards

We all love trying something new with our crafting every now and again. It makes us feel liberated from the same old boring things that we do day in and day out... or is that only me? Nevertheless, I really do feel this way about my crafting, and although I like to play it safe a lot of the time, sometimes I like to break out of my comfort zone and try a new technique.

The technique in question is the use of magnets on my card. And not just to make an actual magnet, but to make a paper doll :) I use to love playing with my Princess Diana paper doll back in the day, the kit came out with a ton of dresses for the deceased princess and I think I remember changing the clothes around so much that I wore off the tabs that actually held the clothes in place! hahaha!

The paper doll I made was compliments of Mo's Digital Pencil, Images I used in particular were a freebie set called Trudy's dress. A set downloaded long ago, so I cannot even tell you where to find it for your yourself unless you go hunting on Mo's site (that's Mo Manning for those who don't know).

The pictures tell the story, I stuck a strip of magnetic tape to the back of Trudy's party dress, as well as to the back of Trudy's image. I made sure the two strips aligned before I adhered, I also made sure that the magnetic sides facing each other were opposites (very important, else the dress will not 'stick').

The entire Image was coloured with a mixture of  watercolour artist's pencils and plain colour pencils. All paper came our of my scrap heap, as did the very short piece of ribbon for Trudy's dress bow (see! hoarding helps!)

The card went to my friend Rachel, see how I cleverly inserted her name on the gift tag behind Trudy? Clever me! LOL!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Orange you so pretty?

I never used to be one that gravitated towards very 'bright'colours in my crafting, but within the last year or two I have started to change in this regard. I must add though that I still prefer an understated tone palette for my scrapbooks and that the bright colours are mainly linked to card making.

Orange is one of my favourite 'brights'. It always looks like it has smile on it's face and wants to stick it's cheeky tongue out at me. This is probably the only reason why I chose to make this card orange, I wanted needed to use the gorgeously delicious orange ribbon that stuck it's tongue out at me from my ribbon collection....

A lot of scraps were harmed in the making of this card, just saying* A pity I am still left with half a ton of the stuff, at least it makes for a few good ooh's and aah's over full pieces long gone.


Thought I might add a couple of challenges today:
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A light at the end of the tunnel

My craft desk is in a really cosy part of our house. It's situated in the libray cum study cum place where everything gets dumped... catch my drift? And despite the clutter it makes for a great creative space. One thing I have always lacked though is proper lighting. There is an overhead light in the ceiling which shines down, but I have the problem of seeing my projects underneath my lovely shadow. Not very nice when it's evening I can tell you.

To remedy the situation I purchased a lamp, but not just any lamp, a lamp that clips on to a work station! yes! someone thought of a crafter! I am finally seeing the light at the end of my craft tunnel :) Don't you think it's just too clever?


Monday, October 15, 2012

Me and my....Cameo

So, me and my Cameo have been getting better acquainted in the last few weeks, and albeit not as much craft time as I would like I have definitely had some fun. I've downloaded more files than I think I will ever use, and I am already starting to rethink that monthly subscription... but you know, what's a crafter to do if she can't hoard a little?

I am in love with the fast paced and efficient way I am able to get cards and scrapbook pages done, especially when I get to use shapes which I would have had to hand cut or punch (please note that I only have two border punches) before.

I made a batch of note cards a while back, to keep in my stash for when the need arises, I utilised one particular shape in my silhouette program and cut a multitude of pieces of paper with my industrial paper trimmer (thanks hubby! still using this gift to within an inch of its life!). Although I could have cut the paper pieces with the silhouette as well, it was just uneconomical for me to waste my cutting mat, blade and time, constantly changing out pieces of paper to be trimmed down. I was cutting squares you see and nothing too fancy.

A couple of trusty stamps (mostly Angel company and Kaiserkraft branded) from my stash and a LOT of scrap paper later, I have quite a few pretties to place into my stash box. Thanks Silhouette! and trusty paper trimmer (of course)


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quite possibly the worst outfit ... like... ever...

So, my venture into the world of sewing began this weekend... sort of. I finally pulled the monster out of it's box and onto my workstation (read decorative bar area).

But before I relay my experience, let me show you my first ever (sewing related) haberdashery purchase. Hubby was with me on this momentous occasion and offered to pay for my purchase that included a washout fabric pen, safety pins, pins, elastic, buttons, fabric and cotton. All for a tidy sum of One hundred and Ninety Seven South African Rands.

I really felt lost inside the store, and I was not as confident as I usually am when walking into a craft store, for instance. I did not know where to find anything, in fact, I did not know what I was even looking for. I knew I needed fabric and elastic and cotton. Full stop. Only once I got there did I realise I needed pins, possibly a fabric pen and some 'nice to haves'. I didn't bother with scissors as my in-laws have two and I plan to borrow until I can get my own. They cost an arm and a leg.

My new sewing machine truly is an art piece waiting to be admired, I really love it. I took the photo just before I tried to thread the needle. An easier task than I had imagined, due to the handy 'auto-threader'. More on this in another post though.

I took some advice from my MIL and washed the fabric before I got underway. Once washed and dried, I ironed it. Where to next? The video online for the one-hour skirt, by Brett Bara. I said I was going to make this my first project didn't I?

I'm not going to go into details, but I followed the tutorial pretty much one hundred percent. I am pretty happy with my methodology and straight lines on my first sewing attempt, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my machine. Without sounding too chuffed with myself, I do think that my seams and waistband were pretty well worked.

What I did not enjoy, was the realisation that I had completely chosen and bought the WRONG type of material for this skirt. It was face palm moment of massive proportions when I pulled the thing on and realised the material was way too stiff. I did not even bother to hem it... I think I will be unpicking the stitches and turning the material into clever pen holders for my craft friends....

It sucks that I couldn't get it entirely right with my first attempt, but, I guess it just goes to show that everything you blog about is not always going to come out looking peachy. And just to prove that I'm not scared of admitting my mistakes, here's a nice big photo of the finished product (minus the hem).

Laughed enough? Here's hoping my next attempt will not be so 'green' and that I can choose the RIGHT material!


Friday, August 31, 2012

My (soon to be) new Obsession

It's at about this time that I ask my husband if he's ready for the obsession that is to become a part of our household. An obsession so ridiculousy messy/untidy for a beginner that he may just have to hide from the aftermath of a fabric explosion....

Yes, you read right. I have embarked on a journey of Mammoth proportions (for me anyway). I am going to learn how to sew! With the help of one of these:

The Singer Talent 3321
I purchased this terrifying monster last Saturday and have yet to unpack it from it's straight jacket. You must by now realise that I am scared of the thing and even more so of hurting myself in the process of operating the jabbing, threading, sewing needled machine. At the same time, I am extremely excited at the prospect of teaching myself something new.
I am excited about the idea of mending all my and hubby's work trouser hems, as well as skirts (mine, not hubby's, his are well looked after...just kidding) and such. Not only this, but I'm looking forward to making sewn gifts (read: throw pillows, clever Pinterest ideas etc Because I totes don't know what to list here right now) and (wait for it) clothing. My very OWN clothing, to wear. Everyday. Am I being a bit too optimistic? I also think it could be handy to sew on a few cards.... or scrapbook layouts.... I digress. Wanna see some inspiration? (just click on the picture to take you to the original source)
Source: Tilly and the buttons. LOVE her clothes, she does vintage sooooo well*

Source: makeit-loveit. Gorgeous, too gorgeous.

Source: Aesthetic Nest. Can you just imagine giving a baby shower gift like this? And no, husband, I am not hinting at starting a nest...well, not yet anyway ;)

Source: ModaBakeshop. Ag man, I want a craft apron like this, I could wear it all day long.

I am also set on making this.... for my first project......compliments of Brett Bara
And, as with all things crafty, I'll be blogging my sewing journey here. One thing I can confidently say, is that I've just stepped up on another rung, on the ladder to becoming Suzie Homemaker, and I am in my element :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 Tips every crafter should know

I hope this doesn't count as plagiarism, but I saw these tips in a magazine and couldn't help but think that I needed to share with my followers. I know about 95% of you all craft and that the info will come in handy (if you don't already know it).

So, without any further ado, here are 5 tips (plus my added commentary, couldn't leave you to read in peace without my two cents):

1. Keep your stamps clean - most ink will wipe off with a baby wipe, but permanent ink can only be removed with a solvent cleaner.
(the magazine mention StazOn stamp cleaner for the solvent cleaner - advertising much? lol! I personally didn't know about the baby wipe trick, it is one I will put into use from now on as it is a huge schlep to trot to the bathroom with a dirty stamp every time, in order to wash it off with soap and water)

2. Sharpen your punches by folding a sheet of foil several times and then punching through it.
(this is one I knew, but then forgot about. It really is a clever little trick and saves you from wondering how on earth you are going to afford 'another' punch)

3. Use non-stick scissors for cutting through tape and other sticky items, or clean scissors with alcohol wipes.
(I must admit that I have been blessed to have owned non-stick scissors from the start of my scrapbook and card making love affair so although the tip is a useful one, the 'problem' has never really been a 'problem' for me. I hope it helps you?)

4. Store your ink pads upside down to prevent them from drying out.
(what a great tip! I have had sooooo many ink pads dry out! going to turn all my ink pads upside down tonight)

5. Keep a pin in the end of your glitter glue to prevent blockages.
(well, I say forget about just the glitter glue, what about all your glue? I'm sure this could work for more brands? will try and let you all know, though I am sceptical as to how the pin will stay where it is if the nozzle is larger than the head? and if so, what to do as an alternative)

Hope you got some use out of the tips, I certainly gained a lot of knowledge I didn't have before.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

My little Shadow

I really am getting into this whole inspiration thing today. One card and one scrapbook page done and dusted. Though I must admit that the pressure really does heighten when one knows one is going to enter one's work into a challenge somewhere. I can usually finish quite a large number of cards in one afternoon, not today. I must admit though, that I have never been a particularily fast scrapbooker.

I used the sketch from the scrapfit blog that was posted on the 15th of this month, and the current inspiration word over at Bird is the Word challenge blog. Links can be found at the end of this post.

I utilised my silhouette again, using a cut file called 'four vintage frames' and you can find it in their store here. I imported my photos into the silhouette program and placed them within the frames. I then printed them out and placed in the machine to cut. I really, really, love this function of the silhouette. It just makes life so much easier :) I also used my silhouette to cut the title. I made my own title using the text and welding tools.

I think many will surprised to find that the washi looking tape on my page is actually ribbon. I've had it for ages and use it so little due to the unique colour and pattern. The one consolation I have for this is that it will last a very long time! You'll note that I frayed the edges somewhat, I like how it looks.

The journaling is somewhat hidden, I've tucked it behind the set of photographs. I originally planned to have it sitting right beneath the title but thought that the white print looked a bit stark in contrast to the paper, and very out of balance with the rest of the elements. Quick thinking had me adding a punched out circle with a blue coloured staple to match.

And, if anyone is actually interested, because really, how many of us care what paper line is used unless we design for a specific company? The paper used is KaiserCraft - PS27 - Voliere from the Le Chateau collection. ha! and the pretty swirls are by Recollections and are called Boutique Fleur (distributed by Michaels).

Challenges: (Workout #74 A sketch by Diana)


Inspiration by Anne-Marie

Sounds like a perfume or even a clothing line doesn't it? It may as well be, because my friend Anne-Marie has some skills in the design department... the card-making department that is. I mosied on over to her blog today and found not only a delectable card, but a bunch of challenges to enter too. I haven't entered one in quite a loooooong time, so I thought I'd play along. Thanks AM :)

I used a cut file from silhouette called 'outline frames set' for the purple frames and inners, the link will take you to the location in the store if you would also like to own it. And just in case you were wondering, no, I am not paid by Silhouette to advertise for them :) LOL!

The heart stamps actually come from a scrappy cat set I have called All Girl (Item #427), the ribbon from a re-purposed gift bag (go me!) and the chipboard flowers from the set I bought last year sometime to make the felt flowers (tutorial here).

Did you know you could turn a toothpick into a flag? I put glue on one end and placed (read: Shoved) a bead over it. This took care of any nasty points and of course, my favourite word in the craft blogosphere...... added 'dimension'. Really, have you noticed how many of us use this word on our blogs to describe our work? Can we not think of anything better? It's starting to sound so boring. (please note I am probably the MOST guilty party when fingers are pointed regarding the use of this word, sigh*)

I know that my photo's have been really 'loud and proud' lately. It's because of the Blog design change I underwent that now allows me more space in the actual blogging part of the blog. That, and the fact that I recently discovered the magic that is Picasa, in free photo editing tools. I downloaded it during the week and I love it's versatility. I would recommend it if you're looking for something like it.

Challenges entered (courtesy of AM's blog): (Challenge 50 - Lots of Layers) (Rich and Earthy Colours)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This and That

I have had a lot of fun recently, making cards, baking, playing in the snow....and savouring a papmering spa day (technically only 2 hours, but who's counting?) with some of my work colleagues.

I still make commissioned cards for my MIL's work, regardless of giving up on the full-on stationery business thing (for now*). I count it as doing a favour for family/friends and still enjoy doing it as the pressure is not much. Apart from the card I made below, I am in the process of making 30 odd birthday cards for the birthdays they missed at the end of last year/beginning of this year. More on those in another post though...I whacked them all like a mafia hitman in one afternoon. You can pass me a noddy badge right about now.

The cake was made using a box mix, could have been Blue Cloud? All I know is that I do not enjoy the pilsbury box cake mix so I avoided it with all my might when we were looking at them in the store. I did add a twist, and used buttermilk instead of regular milk...remember my failed ruby red cupcakes? I had left over buttermilk* works like a charm in keeping the cake extra moist, feel free to use the tip! Hubby loves caramel, so into the centre a whole entire TIN went.

The 7th August 2012, will forever remain an epic day for me. The beautiful, yet often dreaded, white stuff fell in Johannesburg. It started when I left for work in the morning, not even 2km from home, and carried on sporadically throughout the day and in various areas in Johannesburg and surrounds.
I have freakishly, squeeling, high pitched video recording of the snow fall...guess who's voice in the background? Too embarrassing, but oh so fun.

Thursday, 9th August, was Women's day here in South Africa. I think all my brainwashing at work, worked. I've been telling our bosses for month's that they should send us all on a spa day, and send us on a spa day they did! Thank you Bosses for a wonderful celebration of Women's day! I had a back massage, facial, manicure and pedicure all in the space of two hours. We closed it all off with a brunch and got given the afternoon off. How spoilt were we all? and, ahem, please note that all the photo's were taken by yours truly*


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple Savers & Caft Pal Gifts

The two are one and the same. I recieved a gift from a craft friend, who seems to come from the USA by looks of the postage stamp? The reason I do not know who she is, is because we are part of a group called Secret Pals...the same one I was part of last year. I will not find out she is until the end of the Secret Pal Term, which is still a couple of months away.

The aim of the group is to send a person (pre-assigned by the co-ordinators) anonymous cards throughout the year. Gifts are optional to send but not necessary. The aim of the group is to pass on a little kindness to someone else and get to know someone new :) We have ladies from all different parts of the world in our group. The group in question can be found at the site under the Anything Goes logo.

I have so far recieved a box filled with craft goodness, and two envelopes filled with same. My Secret Pal's 'name' is Sea Hag. Interesting name. In her most recent envelope to me she included two card kits and a couple of embossed blocks of vellum. How nice of her to make crafting so easy for me :)

See the aqua coloured card with the pink and white accents in the middle? I got to play with that this morning....

I added a couple of items and techniques...

And got this....

I stamped and wet embossed an image from a stamp pack I got from my Germany-based friend, Maria - for my birthday, called 'Cameo Image' by My Paper World. Ink used was Micia. Not a well-known brand I don't think, but the sponge is deliciously juicy and full of ink. The flat backed pearls were bought for R4.00 a pack of 50...Bargain.

The sentiment is from a set my American friend, Bridgette, sent me last year. Forgive me B, but I do not know the company name? It is mounted the same as Angel company rubber stamps, so that would be my best guess. Stamp pad used was Pretty Color, also deliciously juicy.

I made a matching bookmark, using a border image from the same cameo stamp set, the same ink, and the same embossing method. The sentiment is, I am assuming, an Angel company stamp and is from the My Inspiration set (T2390).

I will be thanking you in the group forum, but, thank you  Sea Hag for providing an awesome craft session for me. What you are will truly show in what you do, and your kindness and thoughtfulness proves you to be a kind and thoughtful individual.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crafting = Business? or not?

I know that many a crafter wish that they could make a business out of what they do. Be it papercrafts, sewing, knitting etc, many of us have dreamed of making it into some sort of business and earning an income from it.

I was one of those crafters.

I am no longer (well, at least not for now).

I tried to go the wedding and party stationery route, but I have since realised that the added pressure of trying to market a business, thinking of all the loop holes in your costing sheets (and how to fix them), how to order and purchase stock when the supplier is quite a long stretch away from your house and you only have weekends to so, how to deal with a customer that is indecisive and changes their mind a million many times before deciding on the final product. All the above and more.

I realised that my sanity is not worth giving up for the sake of a small start up business, that started because I love what I do in my spare time. Let me just clear the air on one thing, I have a full time job. I am a financial administrator for a fairly large company and I am kept busy throughout the day. When I get home at night, I am like so many others. I want to relax. I cannot do that if I am constantly having to work on orders, quotes and business plans (on paper or in my head).

I like my hobby, in fact I would go so far as to say I love it. I love the fact that when I craft I get to forget about the things that bother me. The only thing that matters is the sound of the paper being cut through by my stanley knife. The sound of the glue as it gets squeezed within an inch of it's plastic life, because I try to get every last drop out. The sound of the scissors as they snip away at unwanted wire, string and paper. The sound of my Silhouette machine as it slices whatever design I recently purhased. I don't have to talk, I don't have to keep quiet. I can do as I please. I havn't felt like I could that lately.

Maybe one day I will give it another go. I am not sure. For now I'll stick to doing favours for friends if they need anything craft related, and shy away from any sort of formal orders.

I don't like to think that I failed. I think I gave it a go and realised that it wasn't for me.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Beyond all Measure

I recently discovered the inspiration that is the Bird is The Word challenge page. Basically, a new word is given for every challenge, this is your inspiration.

Although I am late for the challenge entry for the word I made a page for, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I dug into new and old stash items, used my silhouette (I even created a tutorial, go me!), and got to document a day in the life of our marriage.

The word which I was too late to enter for was 'BEYOND'. This is my page.

On this particular day, hubby and I visited the Krugersdorp Game reserve, which recently came under new management. We were impressed not only by the wildlife and the condition which they were in, but also the picnic and braai (barbecue for you Americans and Canadians) areas which were available for us to make use of. I precariously perched the camera on top of the cooler box, which stood on top of a picnic table for the photo.

I layered the same photograph three times

I used a multitude of flowers, as well as gold leafed seaweed strips.
The scalloped trim was cut with my silhouette Cameo and of course, a file from their site.

This rose was compliments of my silhouette and a file I purchased online

The circle was custom designed and cut using my silhouette, a tutorial is to follow on how to do this

All in all, a good day was had by the both of us and a good time was had when I put together the page that documents the memory :)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh my Hat! No Really, oh my Hat!

If I had one on my head right now I would tip it over and hold it out for a donation of craft products the size of this giveaway by Ingvild Bolme. Pretty Please, wink wink*, with a cherry on top could I win this!?!

Ingvild is celebrating her new blog design and is giving away this massive truckload (ok, so maybe it's only a wheelbarrow full) of goodies. I've done what she's asked in order to qualify for being in the draw for the goods, and I strongly urge you to do the same. Who wouldn't?


Let them eat cake

I have recently begun an obsession with baking. Not that my hips are thanking me... maybe they are, it being winter and them needing some extra coverage?  I dug out a cupcake recipe book, that I've had for ages and never used, a while back and decided I wanted to make something grand. Not a regular ole chocolate or vanilla cupcake but something special. You know, something that makes other people go green with jealousy because they just wish they could bake as fantastically well as you. You know, because that's what happens when you make something unusual, people think you're some sort of genius or something...

So I found two recipes, the second one hubby is not too fond of as it contains a pet food hate for him. Mention the word Carrot and he literally goes orange at the thought of putting it in his mouth.

I do still want to make the carrot cake cupcakes, but I have had too many other things on my proverbial plate to make them since I made the cupcakes being showcased today.

They're called Ruby Red cupcakes, why they're called ruby red, I have no idea, because I put about half a bottle of red food colouring in (recipe called for only a teaspoon - 5ml's) and it still looked like chocolate! Not very fancy if you ask me.

Step One: Creaming the butter, sugar and vanilla essence

Step Two: Sifting together the dry ingredients

Step Three: I had a really HUGE fail moment and my Electric mixer died on me. RIP

Step Four: Mix dry and wet ingredients together, add buttermilk and red food colouring.

Step Five: Place cupcake wrappers in baking tins (or in my case, silicone 'tins') and fill halfway with cupcake mix.

Step Six: Watch very closely while in oven, allowing mouth to salivate and drool onto floor. This creates anticipation for the baked goodness to come.

Step Seven: Repeat cupcake baking until all the mixture is used, I ended up with 36 chocolate looking goodies.

Step Eight: Cool cupcakes, make red pink icing (I need help in the food colouring department)

Step Nine: Ice Cupcakes and place in airtight containers to keep fresh until devoured.

Step Ten: