Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AiFactory Challenge #98 - Something Red!

Well, it certainly has been a tough couple days for me crafting wise everyone. I think this AiF project is my first non-commissioned project I've worked on since advertising my services for those advent calenders...over 30 made.... two more to go and then I will decline any more orders.

I have some exciting news to share before I carry on with the blog post. I have been elected as the new DT leader for the AiFactory Design team. I am extremely honoured and hope that I can do the brand and the DT members proud.

The project this week features a digital stamp in the AiF store that is very festive in nature. You can find it here. It looks like this:

Though I am happy with my idea for this project, I still feel that it needs a bit more tinkering. I will play a bit more with it tonight I think. It needs more oomph! in terms of embellishments I think. I dunno? what do you think?

I saw 3D when I started working on the image. A bird in a cage..... coloured with sharpies and embellished with lots of glitter glue :)

The box has three open sides to view the bird, I tried to make it look like it was 3-dimensional. Next time I will fussy cut the image and try see how it works that way. I am thinking I need to place a huge poinsetta on the top of the box....

Hope you will join us for the challenge, it will be open for submissions until midnight ont he 13th December. The rules have changed a bit, you can now enter with any image, but if you win using an AiF image you get two images instead of just one! Now that's a bargain if I ever saw one :)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Row, row, row your boat!

Gently down the stream! Merrily! Merrily! Merrily! Life is but a Dream!

Hope you have your sing song voice going in your head, I couldn't resist :) I made a card with a sailboat on it as part of my commissioned cards this last week and am quite impressed with myself. I cut the boat pieces myself, no template used. Smug look on my face right now....

I used only scraps for this project, I seem to have so many. I cleared out my stash and repacked everything and found so many scrap pieces that were hiding their pretty faces from me. sigh* I don't think my journey with scrap paper will ever end.

The card is actually really simple, without too many layers. I used an Angel company stamp from the vintage rides set for the sentiment and a tiny piece of ribbon that I cut off a length I got from my special friend, Queen B.

Hope you like it, it was created for a male, egh! I really struggle with male cards.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

I've been a busy Bee!

The lack of posts on my blog lately hasn't been for lack of crafting. In fact, it is because I have been crafting so much that I have been AWOL.

I decided to advertise my services for making the advent calendar that I showed you all last year in one of my posts. I received a whopping 28 orders and I am still waiting to confirm more. I also had a stack of Birthday cards commissioned and those kept me busy for a good while too. I hate making rushed cards and really do try put an effort into bulk orders. I will show you some of the Christmas advents in a later post, today I want to show you the non-Christmas advents I made.

I used a tutorial I found for tissue paper flowers and couldn't resist using them as toppers! you can find the tutorial here.

I made up the advent using matchboxes and paper as usual, using brads and ribbons for the drawer handles. I used a range of embellies for the decor on the box panels and had a lot of fun with beads :)

I have even found a magnificent tutorial on how to make photo mosaics for your blog here. The website she uses is easy to navigate and quick too.

Here are the advents and my resulting photo mosaic :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pink my favourite colour

Yes, I know, you all get tired of my pink obsession (I do, no point in sugar coating it). But I just cannot seem to get enough of it. I reach for it every time I get stuck while crafting and it's THE go-to colour for a feminine card. sigh* I love it, so much.


I used a wood mounted stamp from a local company (who have failed to put their name on the stamp) for this card. It is a bunch of five roses, pretty no? I stamped it in black and then heat embossed it with clear powder. I coloured it with sharpies and stuck  buttons, with silver twine threaded through, on the three of the roses. The sentiment is an Angel company stamp, love how crisp these stamps turn out.

I am in love with my scrap pile of paper, I have so much of it that it isn't difficult to find paper to put together. Granted, I am having to scratch like a hungry chicken in the dirt to find the pieces I want. I am hoping my hands don't grow chicken talons from the constant treasure hunting.

I made use of a few tools on this card, including my paper piercer, Martha Stewart lace punch and cuttlebug. It's the first time I am using this embossing folder and it will take some getting used to. It's just not as 'pretty' as some of my others. I am going to have to think of ways to use it more productively.

The ribbon should look familiar to you, it is the bigger brother of the piece I used on Clyde in yesterdays post. Amazing how I can make one scrap piece of ribbon stretch over two cards...genius I tell you*


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cool Clyde

I got Clyde as a freebie from Bugaboo stamps some time back. He really is the epitome of a cool dragon. I just had to use him on a card. you would too, the moment you see his face.


Boy cards, for me, have to be in shades of blue, green, brown or red. I dont know why, they just look better if they are. Oranges and the like, though not particularly girly, just don't do it for me.

I am hardly making a dent in my scrap pile, but the entire card was put together using scraps. Even my ribbon came out the 'scrap' ribbon pile. The delicious candy stickers make another appearance here, don't you just love em? The sentiment is another Kaisercraft stamp from my stash. And the scallop on the blue cardstock was handcut after being traced off a ruler.

You would have guessed right if you said my Clyde was coloured with Sharpies...So, there you have it :) Happy Tuesday people!


Monday, November 7, 2011

mew, mew, mew!

We have a new addition to the family, I must admit to not mentioning her to any of my blogging friends in the last few weeks....sorry :)

Her name is Geza, but we actually just call her Kat (the Afrikaans version for Cat). She is the cutest thing and I cannot get over the weird alien noises she makes when she whizzes past us, prancing on all four paws. Really, it is a sight to behold and has me cracking up in laughter almost every time.

My MIL got her about 2 months back and her growth rate is amazingly fast. She's gone from cute kitten to brazen teen in mere weeks and it is a battle to keep her from climbing the curtains...

Blessedly she gets along well with miss Jenga (our cute faced pekingnese). Granted, they chase each other all over the house while they play, but it is all in good fun and they thoroughly enjoy each other's company. What good little children they are.

I do realise that my toes are making another appearance on this blog, it seems they are attention hoggers. I will have to make sure they coordinate better with Kat's ginger hue next time they decide to make an appearance.

More fun, less chores!

You know, life just happens. No warnings, no planning. You have to learn to go with the flow. I used to stress about getting a post up every day here, franticly crafting every single night in order to 'post something tomorrow'. The last few weeks, nay, months, have had me pretty stressed out about posting anything on this blog. I have had dry spells, busy spells and just plain couldn't be bothered spells. I am sure that I am not the only crafter out there who has had this type of blogging experience. In fact, I would bet that all craft bloggers experience this at least once during their blogging lifetime. I think.

Anyway, I have come to the calm conclusion that being a woman that holds a full time job and has a family that she loves to spend time with, means that I do not have to fret about updating a blog every single day. I might just be trying to make myself feel better here but this is how I feel about it at the moment. Crafting should not be a chore, it should be fun.

That said, I really have had this card sitting in my photo box for a week, waiting to show it's pretty face to you. Unfortunately a certain thing called month end at work had me working my fingers to the bone and I was too tired and disinterested to post about it.

I have really been enjoying the creative side of the whole crafting experience lately, due to my renewed vow to only craft when I feel like it. It brings out the scissor cutting, template drawing monster in me. Just ask my husband...who had to help me cut out 45 babygrow shapes last night, hand drawn onto Designer paper, for a certain project I cannot yet mention.

I was that monstor with this card. I absolutely had to draw myself a tree and put it together to match the paper I was using for the card.


I stamped my Kaisercraft sentiment in black ink and heat embossed with clear powder. I then took my distressing tool (actually just an emery board) and distressed the edges. I love this look and you can see the details in a bigger version of the photo by clicking on it.

The 'leaf' bunches on my tree were mounted onto foam squares for dimension and I added a butterfly brad just because.

The making of this card did not cause harm to any pieces of 'new' paper.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Happy dog and my pink nail polish

I am not scared of being in a photograph, I am scarily in love with photo's. And not because I am vain (ok, maybe just a little?). I am obsessed with documenting life and utilising my mad paper skills to create scrapbooks to look back on. See my crafting blog if you don't believe me.

I love family photographs and I wish I had more willing subjects... my husband is the only one who really tolerates my photographing hobby (obsession) with gusto.

It's at times like these that I just have to turn to my trusty sidekick for a photo filled with awesomness, you toes and all.


Adventures in crafting

I have really found my crafting bug again, it bit me hard. I think I have enough cards to last me a good couple of posts for the next two weeks. No joke. Only downside for you all is that they are all birthday card related because they have been made for a commissioned order.

I used another shaped ruler to trace a design I liked and then fussy cut with my craft scissors on this card. More scraps were utilised and I am really becoming convinced that this scrap pile of mine is starting to breed. Seriously, how much scrap paper can a girl have in her craft space? I am sure it is not normal, I have started to overflow out of the 6 pizza boxes I begged off a pizza place two months ago...


I used some gorgeous stickers bubble embellies that I got from way across the sea in the US of A :) Thanks Birdie! The ribbon came from my stash and the stars are Scrappy cat stamps that I stamped in blue and heat embossed with clear powder. This was quick and easy and oh so simple to put together.

I've put this one aside as a male card, despite the length of ribbon....


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Summer time, and the living is easy*

I really don't like getting cold, my family will concur. I shiver at the touch of the slightest breeze or the inkling of an earlier winter. Really. I do. This is why I L.O.V.E Summer. Hot sun shiny days, sparkling swimming pools and braais outside on the stoep. Yes. I Love my summers :) What could be better than this?

Die cuts? What die cuts?

I pride myself on making do with what I have (albeit a mountain load of product) when it comes to my craft time and producing something different. I am blessed to have a lot of paper (including scraps..sigh*), embellishments, stamps and embossing folders. One thing I do lack however is a good couple of die cut sets to utilise on cards. Can anyone say Spellbinders? I think I have been drooling over the collection of die's at our local scrapbook store for well over a year now and I have never bought a single one. Go figure.

Anway, because of this little dilemma, I make my own funky shapes for cards using a few of the shaped rulers I do have as well as freehand (a lot). It makes the crative process so much more fun, to know that I have made something all on my own.

Todays card is one of those specimens that used my own die cut ability's :)


I dug through my scrap paper stash and put together a mix of different colours and patterns, inked everything in a red chalk and put together a ribbon and flower embellie in no time (yeah right, try two hours...)

I love the eclectic mix of patterns, and of course, the ribbon. It's like icing on a cake :)