Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flower power

Hello there everyone :)

I have a very simple card to show you today. I needed a card in a hurry so came up with this....

The base of the card is compliments of a scrap I had from a project i was working on a while back, while the green and pink flower pattern is compliments of the paper pad Claire Easson sent me for my birthday :) Thanks C! The tiny pink flower pattern is from my scrap stash.

The flower embellishment is from a set of die cut embellies I bought really cheap many moons ago and I love how the colours pull everything together. I can't tell you who made it except that it comes from china :) Of course, the dotted ribbon comes out of my stash too.

I did my faux stitch trick along the edge of the green and pink flower pattern, I really must take the time to stitch by hand... one day, one day.....

And there you have it! my quick and easy card :) Not sure it's my favourite card ever made, but it will do. Hope you'll have a Terrific Tuesday! It looks set to be rainy day here...now if only my boss could give me the day off and let me go home to craft...

1 comment:

  1. me loves the pops of pink everywhere on it. <3
    Mrs. Nate xo


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