Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Bug

Hi Ladies!

Ok, so you all know my favourite new stamp and you can't blame me for using it on yet another card :)
This one was made for a friend of mine, whose kitchen tea is this Saturday...

I ventured into unknown territory in my crafting skills and decided I was going to try and make an easel card. It was so exciting to work it out! I went off memory of some creations I've seen before so wasn't entirely sure of how to go about putting this one together.

I think I'll start by showing you a few details:

As mentioned, I used my new favourite stamp by TAC. I stamped it onto pink cardstock and coloured with Sharpies. I then layered the image onto two different pieces of pattern and faux stitched with a Steadler fine tip.

I just love these flowers in my stash, they already have the bling stuck to the centres so it makes for much less work!

The front of the card looks like this:

I love the sentiment! it is just too cute how it finishes :)

It says, "Heard you got bit by the ... Love Bug!". Don't you just love that? The card in its entirety looks like this:

Hope you enjoyed my card adventure :) and that your week ahead will be wonderfully blessed!


  1. Great job there, P!
    Not seen that stamp before, but used to drive one very like it, back in the 70's, lol.
    I've done a couple of easel cards, but never liked the result...but you nailed it! Well done you!!

  2. Each time I see you use this stamp I am more impressed. Love this one P! (Course have loved them all you know.) Can't wait to see where it pops up next.


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