Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laugh Often

Todays post is a scrapbook LO that was made using Lara Hanna of Scrapbook and Things notes.
The focal image is of our entire wedding party and the title 'Laugh Often' is so very apt. Everyone was happy on that day and our group photo says it all :)

The page was created only with cardstock and basic embellishments so as not to distract from the image. The letters are chipboard elements that were covered with Orange cardstock. The tab that says often was made using cream cardstock and letter stickers. The trusty old Roan coloured chalk was once again used to ink all edges. The photo is matted on cream cardstock. I also sanded the edges of the photograph as an added matt. You will see that I also used a stitching technique on the brown Cardstock, this was done using a white gel pen. The entire LO is off-centred to add to the freedom that is portrayed in the photo :)

Trust you will enjoy your Tuesdays! and a big Whooo are you to my Secret Pal!

P.S. Remember if you want to see larger pics of the photos on my blog all you need to do is click on them!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Going Green

This weekend was just filled with wonderful card craftiness! and lots of time with my wonderful Hubby :)

I decided to show you all another simple card design for those short on crafting time. I used the same Cuttlebug embossing folder to create the embossed effect. The embellishment stickers are actually 3D dimensionals and they look really cool. I used red colorbox ink to ink my stamped image as well as to ink all edges of the card.

I dont think further explanation is needed on how the card was created, it really was simple. Hope you are all inspired!

Have an awesome Monday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

All That Glitters

Time for another Papercraft Planet challenge! This one is for the group called Anything but Cute. This weeks challenge is all about the glitter!

I must admit I'm not one for using a lot of glitter on my work, although I love the effect :) and I do have more than enough glitter in my stash to last me a few months....comes with being a craft hoarder it seems.
And in keeping with the season, I made another christmas card. This one is not so 'plain' however :)

I have some lovely christmas themed paper that i purchased last year and decided it was time to put it to good use. I also recently purchased the cuttlebug dies that include small christmas trees, a snowman, a house, and snowflakes. I decided to go with the christmas trees for this project as including the rest might have turned this into a cute card - something I did not want!
I have these tubes of glitter glue (not sure if this is equivalent to the American stickles?) in my stash and thankfully I was crazy enough to buy a green one when I purchased these way back when because they came in handy when my green embossing glitter didn't quite give me the effect I was looking for.
Anyway, the sentiment comes from a pack of christmas tags (also purchased on sale just after last christmas) and is threaded through White ribbon. Again I turned to my trusty roan ink by colorbox to ink all edges.

I also want to say a big Whooooo are you? to my Secret Pal :) Whoever and wherever you may be! I hope you are enjoying the Group as much as I am.

Have a Fantastic Friday! It's almost Weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi all, here is another scrapbook layout!

When I was in Matric (Grade 12, or final year of High school for those that are not familiar with our school years) all the students in my grade pitched in to help raise money for our gift to the school. We were the first Matric group in the school and had wanted to start a tradition for ourselves and future Matriculants to follow.

With the money that was raised we commissioned a company to build a little structure almost like a bell tower, and placed a plaque with the year and all our names on it at the base. On the last day of school as a matriculant, it is tradition for each matriculant to ring the bell as a symbol of the closing of our school careers.

So this is what this page is about, my last day at school (can't believe it was 7 years ago already!) and the ringing of the bell. We had a final assembly and then a procession past the Bell, which each of us rang.

Now, after my soppy little story, let me tell you more about the supplies used :) The Be all that you Dream to be sentiment is actually a card that I purchased from our local craft store. I inked all edges in chestnut Roan by Colorbox. Can you believe this page was made entirely (except for the yellow Cardstock) from Scraps of paper that I had?
The embossed Green cardstock was embossed using a cuttlebug folder and then sanded down to reveal the white base. I threaded the buttons through these pieces before adhering them to the page. The striped and the dot Pattern paper were punched with a Martha Stewart Lace punch to get the decorative edges.

I know that many matriculants in SA have or have almost completed their Matric exams and I know that they all have dreams and aspirations just as I did. Here's to the ringing of the Bell and moving forward on to Great things! That's means you Chanti :)

Have an awesome Thusrday everybody! And Happy Thanksgiving to those in America :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A is for Always

As promised, here is the post about the scrapbook page I made. The photograph is of me and my hubby on our wedding day. We're almost going on 3 years now and I feel more and more blessed as each day goes by.

The sentiments were from a sticker sheet by 7Gypsies called A is for always, I love the romanticly rustic colouring of it all. It suits my tastes perfectly!

The clear 'paper' over the bottom piece of the photo is vellum and I thought it added a nice touch to the layout.

This is the first time I ever used vellum, I would love to know how you all have used it?

Tomorrow will provide for another scrapbooking page, a vibrant one!

Until then, have a Teriffic Wednesday!

Dum Dum Dum....

Imagine my disappointment at having something completely AMAZING to show you all and the stupid blogger is having a problem uploading my photos?

I will have to try again later for your sakes else you might be craft-starved :) teehee, only joking :) I'm sure you all keep the craft hunger at bay by creating your own beauties!

What I wanted to post today was actually a scrapbook page...the suspense is going to kill you...

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Wednesday, promise to try upload again later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


After much thought on what to make after my gorgeous weekend away, I decided it was finally time to breakout the Christmas stash and get crafting on some Christmas cards. I took out my glitter, pretty Christmas embellies, paper and cuttlebug accessories....after looking at all this lying on my craft area, I wondered why we always try to go all out on occasion cards.

Cards do not always need to be the most embellished or fancy to make a statement and I decided to go against the grain. I chose one piece of cardstock, one cuttlebug embossing folder and one ink pad and got busy...

The card literally didnt even take me five minutes to make and I love the simplicity of it. Of course, all credit goes to the embossing folder! The inked edges do not really pop in this picture, but are lovely and silvery in person.

I challenge you to make at least one 'simple' Christmas card this Season! C'mon, i know you can do it too :)

Until tomorrow....Have a Fantastical Tuesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend away

No craftiness happened this weekend. At all.

Yet, this was a good thing.....hubby and I were spontaneous and took off for the weekend to the coast. Loved the weather, the food and the good company.

Suppose you all expect me to catch up on crafting tonight....ok, will try my best.

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blue Friday

ok, so just because the post is called Blue friday, doesn't mean i'm having a bad day :) I completed another card last night and went with a blue colour scheme! its accented with green and i love the combination!

Alas, I have forgotton to take down all the supplies in order to complete this post, so I will have to update it after the weekend so you all know what products were used. The only thing i remember of the top of my head is that the ink is colourbox - chestnut roan, the stamped image was inked using Staz On in Jet black.

Oooh! but wait! theres more! What is that sticking out of the pocket? could it be a book mark? Why! Yes it is!

So folks, that's it for today. I will be making two more cards this weekend but will only post about them on Monday. Hope you all enjoy yourselves until then!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something Different

Day two of my renewed card making endevour found me trying to create a card for the ABC challenge on PaperCraft Planet. The challenge was to make a card with a different fold. DImensions for the card were 10.8cmx27.9cm, scoring and folding had to be at 5.4cm and 8.cm.

To no surprise of my hubby, I went pink with this one...and vintage :) what can I say? I love both!

The tag used is from K&Company, I stamped the image onto it using a Scrappy cat image from their Journaling Design set. The ink used was Staz On in Jet Black.
The embossing on the lower front part of the card was done using my cuttlebug - embossing folder used was birds & Swirls.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, looking forward to creating something for tomorrows post!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glorious Gold

Hello everyone!

Well, I've finally kicked my butt into gear and I have commited to making something new every night. Lets hope I can stick to it hey?

Last night, my inspiration came from an old Christmas gift tag. It is Gold in colour with a swirly pattern on it. I decided to recycle it on a card and below is what I came up with.

The Friend image is a wood mounted stamp I purchased a while back, I am not even sure it has a company name on it but will have to check. I inked it with Colourbox chalk in Chestnut Roan and embossed with clear embossing powder by Clearsnap Holding. The fleur de lis is a chipboard die that i purchased from our local PNA store made by Fabscraps, I inked it with clear embossing ink by Emboss and embossed with Gold glitter by Clearsnap holding to match the swirly Christmas tag. I bought a small pack of five of the paper flower that you see on the card, I will have to learn how to make these on my own sometime, they really are lovely. Here are two close ups of the details:

I used cream cardstock for the base of the card, and rich chocolate brown for the contrasting layer. Hope you all enjoy the eye candy and attempt to make your own!

Until tomorrow, have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Secret pal - Card #2

I am putting myself to shame by not posting any of my recent work but at least I am giving some acknowledgment to my Secret Pal. She has sent me yet another fabulous card and included information regarding the Province she lives in too!

See below for my card, 2011 Nova Scotia Calendar, Nova Scotia Book and Canadian Bookmark.
I couldn't have asked for a better Secret Pal! Thank you so much for all my goodies!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whooo are you?

Ok, so it's taken me a while to actually get this particular post up. I recieved an envelope in the post about 2 weeks ago from the person who was assigned to be my secret pal. Whoever she is, she is so talented!

She made a card and included a fridge magnet (also handmade!). Very clever!

I am so excited to recieve whatever she makes and sends me next. The only info I have about her is that she is from Canada (this i gathered from her mailing address). I dont know her name or anything else. Maybe she will include some info in her next letter? If you're reading this post secret pal, please include some info in your next letter :)

In other news, I have been hard at work on an 8x8 album of my kitchen tea and individual photos the day of my wedding to my wonderful husband :) it's about 2 and a half years on but at least it's getting done! I've decided to make the theme green, pink (surprise surprise) and black in various shades of the first two colours. it's starting to pull together nicely. I will post the entire album as soon as it is complete.

I have been itching to make cards the last two weeks but am trying my hardest not to as i have such a large stash of ones i've already made. I keep telling myself, though, that i need to make christmas cards :) hahaha! I'll try to hold out a while longer!

Until my next post,
have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. photos' of my pal's card are below this post

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Perfect...

I can't believe it's time for the weekend again. This time of year always seems to fly by so fast. I am looking forward to spending time with my wonderful husband as well as creating some crafty magic with my load of scrapbooking supplies! The weather this afternoon is just perfect for crafting. Clouds are rolling over and the sun is starting to become quite muted...one small hiccup...I'm at work :) (and yes, I am blogging in my lunch time)

I happened on a DT call this week and am planning on submitting an art piece. Who knows, maybe I'll get the job :) I just need to decide on what to submit...12x12 layout? card? altered project?... I'm leaning very much towards an altered project, but will see where the creative juices take me.

Hopefully I will have a photo of something wonderful to upload by the end of the weekend. Until then, have a good one everybody*

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sssshhh! It's a secret!

I have a Secret Pal!

Now, before you think I'm crazy, let me explain:
I am a member on a crafting site called Papercraft Planet. On this site I am part of a group called Anything Goes (Run by Cole Meyer - lovely lady!)
This group arranged the Secret Pal idea. Basically each of us who signed up for this recieved the name and postal address of another person in the group. no two people are assigned to each other. We are supposed to send each other cards throughout the next year but we are not allowed to tell our "Pal" who we are until Oct 2011. Exciting isn't it?

I have already sent my Pal two packages, the first of which I know she has recieved already and loved :)
Unfortunately I cannot say where she lives as that might give her a clue as to who I am if she reads this post. tsk tsk, I have to be so sneaky!

In other news, I have been requested to make samples of wedding invites for a girl getting married in April of next year. I made two samples which I sent to her today and have yet to hear wether or not she will want to hire me. I so enjoyed making the samples though and crafted some great new ideas.

I do promise to post some photo's soon, life has just seemed so hectic lately that I have been neglecting you all! (Poor excuse for many of us crafty's I'm sure - but I'm sticking to my story!)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!