Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Card Set #1 - Card #3

Is it just me or is your week flying too? Usually by the time I get to the middle of the week I either feel its dragging or its flying by. This week is one of those that just seems to have flown by and it makes me wonder where on earth this year is going. My mother always said the years would fly by faster the older I got, I should have believed her! LOL!

Anyway, the third card in the set looks like this:

Its probably one of my favourites if I think of the way I managed to keep the flaps closed. And I also love the colour combo! I hope somebody out there is proud of my use of 'bright' colours this week?

Ok, so dont be decieved by the middle scallops...

here is a view of the back of the card to give you a hint...

Notice anything fishy? ...'s moved now! The top flap is opening!

Tada! the open card!

Ok, humour me, I had fun showing you all that ok :) I thought I was quite brilliant at the time! I am quite fascinated by the use of belly bands and thought it was time to try one out.

Hope you enjoyed the show and that you'll be back tomorrow, it's another AiFactory challenge debut!

Have a Wacky Wednesday!

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