Friday, September 30, 2011

Love you...Sis!

I promised a card today, and a card it shall be! Using the stamped image from yesterday's post, I came up with a cute little, bright looking vintage card for my dear little sister (who, by the way, is not so little anymore, seeing as she will be 19 in 2 months time)

I really do wish I could colour better, I guess it is going to take practise (a lot of it).

Proudly, I can say this card was made using ONLY scraps! Whoop Whoop! I inked it all in black and added a few brads just to finish it off.

And of course, I had to tell her that I love her :)

On another note, it is my Dunderstuds Birthday today. He has been spoilt with vouchers, cologne and a absail & river rafting exprience for Sunday. What a brat! Just wanted to publicly wish him a happy day here too :)

have a lovely weekend everybody


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love to you...

..all. Thank you for being patient while I get my crafting time in order. I have been a bad little blogger these last few weeks. Yes, I have kept up with my DT tasks at AiFactory, but I have failed to create for non-DT related posts. I must admit that I have no idea what my problem was but I seem to have broken through and am crafting again.

I have made a few LO's for my week in review album, so those will be shown as soon as I have photo's printed to fill them. Last night I managed to make a sample wedding invitation for my newly created P.S Creations* Facebook page and am quite chuffed. I need to figure out how to photograph it though so that it looks professional. I have quite a few designs that I am working on making, and want to put them all up at the same time so that the Facebook page doesn't look bare.

Other than that, I also made a little note card for my sister who will be visiting us next week. She has found a job here in the big city and will be meeting her new bosses on Tuesday. She officially starts work in January of next year.

More on the note card later though, first, I want to discuss stamping inks. Weird topic, but oh so relevant when stamping traditionally with rubber stamps etc.
When stamping the image (shout out to Ace for the lovely stamp!) I wanted to use for my sister's card, I first used a black stamp pad (I have forgotten to note the company name, will edit later) with what I would think is 'regular' ink. OK, so I stamped and happily continued to colour with my fancy pants pencil crayons that hubby bought for me last year. Ugh, the ink smudged...badly. I coloured the entire image though and set aside for purposes of this blog post.
I stamped the image again, this time using a black StazOn inkpad. The image lines were sharper, crisper and clearer...first difference.
Second difference was the fact that the StazOn did not smudge when coloured.

So, lesson learnt, I will only stamp in StazOn from now on. Below are the two images, for you to see the differences, they are quite obvious. Please ignore my clearly inferior pencil crayon colouring skills, I cannot compare to the genius that is Karen, across the pond :)

Regular ole black  inkpad

Black StazOn Inkpad 
Tomorrow brings the notecard for my little sis, didn't think I was going to spoil you did ya? ha! But I guess I can be stingy like that :) Have a great Thursday everybody.


Friday, September 23, 2011

A thousand sheets giveaway

Well, I couldn't miss out on this fantastic opportunity now could I?

Amy over at A thousand Sheets of Paper is giving away...wait for it.... A thousand sheets of paper! Head on over to her blog via the link I've created above and via the photo below so you can follow the directions for entering your own chance to win part of a thousand sheets of paper! whoop whoop!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tri-coloured challenge at AiFactory

I am back, finally, with another post. I am struggling somewhat these last two week s to get into 'blog' crafting mode. I have been making so many things to send away to people that I can't show here, that I sort of feel stumped as to what to make for my emergency card stash and scrapbook collection. Giving a big ole tut sigh* right now. Hopefully I will come right over the weekend. I plan on hauling my entire papercrafting stash out in the open and going mad. Nothing like crafting with everything you have in front of you for inspiration :)

So, anyway, the choice of image and challenge theme this week was mine. Choosing the image was easy peasy, choosing the theme was difficult! All that pressure to come up with a theme that everyone will like :) and want to participate in! Hectic I tell you, Hectic!

I went with the Fairy holding an empty placard image, she looks like this:

You can find here as a free download on the AiF blog, but she's only available to the first 10 users. After that you can buy her in the store, she's actually on sale too :)

Before I go on with the theme explanation and my make this week, I need to let you all know that the challenge format has changed. You no longer need to use the specific AiF image given for the challenge. You can use ANY AiFactory image to enter for the win :) how nice is that? with so many wonderful digi's, clip art and vector images available in the store you have a wide range to choose from! Not to mention all of you that have won images for free in the past, break out your stash and come join us! show us the magic you can make with an AiF image!

OK, rambling done, I promise. On to the theme! I chose tri-coloured as the theme this week. It's simple, use only three colours on your project. This could mean only 3 markers to colour your image, 3 colours as your project theme...whatever! just use 3 colours! I used the 3 colours as my card theme and used different shades of orange, green and brown. not my usual taste but I thought I would challenge myself :)


I used ONLY scraps from my paper stash for this card, thank goodness there was a piece of orange large enough for the card base and easel. Not too much fine work work really. I coloured the image using my sharpies, stamped a sentiment (the name of the company evades me) into her placard and fussy cut the whole thing out. I cut a circle with my Martha Stewart circle cutter, put it through the cuttlebug in the swiss dots embossing folder and layered it on a self-made scalloped circle. yes, you read right...self-made. i.e no die!

I stuck silver bling stones on each scallop and adhered it over a brown cardstock strip, also put through the cuttlebug in the same folder, and also punched with my martha stewart lace border punch. Over this, I put a scrap piece of green netting. I have had this netting in my stash forever. It is so difficult to stick down and I never thought it would go with anything. It was doomed to lie in the stash pile for the rest of it's life... thank goodness I found a use for it!

I doodled around the edges of the card with a steadler fine tip pen in brown ink and used a fancy brad from my Ace of a pal in Scotland to prop the easel up. Three hours later, and I had a card to show and tell about:

hope you'll all join us these next two weeks! the DT have some wonderful inspiration for your perusal, remember to leave them some love :) Have a great Thursday! One day to go to the weekend!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Light Practise

Remember our trip to the theatre? And my 'weird' bench photo's that hubby couldn't understand? Well, I did take two other photo's that hubby didn't get either...I must be weird.

He has these really cool sunglasses, I bought them for him so natrually they are awesome! But that is besides the point here. They were lying on the table where we sitting outside and I had a brainwave! Yes, it is possible for happy chappy's to have brain waves, and very good ones at that.

My brainwave was to try and photograph his sunglasses, playing with depth and light. I don't know about you, but I love seeing a photo that has been overexposed and has light, literally filtering in from all sides. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Anyway, I took the photo from an angle, so that the glasses took up the whole right hand side of the frame, which left only the left hand side open for an abundance of light. The photo below was my first attempt.

Clearly, I have my depth right, but not the light exposure. It just looks like a pair of awesomly cool sunglasses that were bought by a camera happy chappy for her husband. So I tried again, this time I went in really close to the glasses, focused on them and 'pulled' back. It allowed the light to penetrate deeper into the frame because I had forced the camera to focus on the glasses before taking other factors in to account. This is what I came up with.

It is a much better attempt, but I have lots of practising to do yet. I also think we should clean the glasses a bit more next time...just sayin.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty flowers and a naughty puppy....

...make for a lot of trouble.

Jenga, is our pekingnese puppy, we got her on the 9th of July at 8 weeks old. This makes her 18 weeks (4.5 months) on the day this photo was taken. Very cute looking. Innocent even. Lying down next to the pot of flowers.

But do not be decieved by the cunning of this little 'baby'. she is actually getting ready to pounce upon said flowers and devour them in their entirety!

Ok, so maybe she didn't devour them. She did eat a leaf though. A beautiful leaf. A leaf that could have lived out it's lifetime in the vase. For at least another week. sigh* Poor, poor Mr Leaf.


Monday, September 19, 2011

State Theater - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

We visited the State theater in Pretoria on Saturday, wow. I loved seeing the buildings as we drove through Pretoria city, and the Jacaranda trees that literally almost line every street. The purpose of our visit was to watch the stage production that is currently being run there, called Ester (the Afrikaans version of Esther). It is about Hadassah, who became Esther, in the bible (read book - Esther).

Being my very first ever stage production viewing, I was most EXCITED :) We were not allowed to take photographs during the production, but I was able to take ample photographs in and around the actual theatre building while we waited for the production to start. here are a few of the lovelies :)

They have these really cool glass cases in which they have archived old costumes from past productions. Unfortunately I didnt get to take pics of all of them, maybe next month when we go to see the Russian ballet? I'll certainly do my best!

The light fixtures are so unique, I couldn't resist taking a photograph...notice the bulb that has blown? It reminds me of a photo bomb :) naughty light bulb.

There is a balcony on to which we could step during the break in the production and we utilised it both before the show and during the break. They have these lovely benches avaliable to sit on and a stunning view of some of the city building's. Pot plants make the area a bit more green and I fully enjoyed the photographic experience, despite my husband asking me why on earth I would want to photograph a bench... he just doesn't get it :) Either that or there really is something wrong with me!

I overexposed this shot and enhanced the colour richness in an editor. I really wanted the vibrancy of the buildings and interesting spike structure to stand out.

Loved these plants, so squidgy!

The Bench that caused the controversy...gasp!
The parentals with the big juicy kind hearts.

The children who loved every minute of it!

 Oh, and one last thing, I CAN drink tea like a posh lady...don't let anyone ever tell you different!

Catch you tomorrow with some more arty farty happenings!


Another Bag-a-lope

Love this bag, it's so versatile. I've even figured out a way to fold this bag flat. So, some of my crafty friends may be getting some as gifts this Christmas...heck, even if you're not crafty, we always need gift bags don't we?

All stamping was embossed with clear embossing powder and heated with a heat gun. Scraps galore, so the stash pile is slowly diminishing :)


Because this was another UNISA envelope, there was writing on the back that needed to be covered too.


I am slowly finding the time to create things again that can be shown here. I have made a mountain of stuff that needed and needs to be posted out to various people, pity none of it can be shown here :)

Remember that the AiF is still running the 2week back to school challenge at the new site, so head on over there to submit your entry for a fantastic prize from the store!

Have a great week everyone*


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Small Tea break

Ladies, as you may have noticed, I have slacked in posting anything both yesterday and today. I am on a small tea break :) And shall be back with scrappy postings tomorrow!

So, while I drink my cuppa, why don't you hop on over to this fabby tutorial that I was sent the link to by my good ole friend Birdie, and have a look at some fabby recycling! Promise you will not be disapointed!

Remember, too, that the AiFactory challenge is going to be running through until next week Thursday and that you should use this ickle thing on your project :) You can grab the freebie image and enter at the new site here. Remember that the image is only up for a limited time and once it is gone, you will have to buy the image in the store (going for a very reasonable $2.00) to participate! hurry!

Have a stunner of a day everyone :)


Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School/Teacher Challenge at AiFactory!

I realise that I was quite a tease in yesterday's post, but what's a girl to do? Anyway, it's here today, so you can now see if you guessed right at what it was :)

We are hosting the first challenge on AiFactory's new blog, and what fun it promises to be! School has started in most places now so we would love to see that back to school/hooray for teacher card or project!    BUT, there is a catch to entering this time...we would like you to use this digi image from AiFgraphics. 

I have placed the watermarked image here, but it is available as a freebie on the challenge site here. The freebie will only be up for a limited time, so if you want to play then you will have to grab it quickly!  After that you can find it for sale in the store here.

You will have 2 weeks to upload your project using the link below the challenge post.  The winner will receive a $5 gift certificate to the store or a random pick of 3 images from our DT co-ordinator!

Here in SA, the kids start their school years at the end of January. Currently the kids are all in the 3rd term or 2nd semester so I struggled for an idea for this challenge. You all know how I love to make things that I will give away or use myself.

The light bulb went on in my head when I caught sight of a set of tea light candles in my stash... why not combine a gift with a card? It could be suitable for a teacher any time of the year! So that's what I did, I created a box/card! I didn't use a template of any kind, I seem to blessed with the ability to create 3D projects out of my head using the dimensions I need. So, if you would like instructions on how to make this version of a box plus card I would be more than happy to e-mail you.

First, a couple of close ups.


I started with colouring my image before choosing the paper so went bonkers with my Sharpies. I LOVE the one green shade that I have and couldn't resist. Of course, how could I not colour the apple ruby red?
Before I list all the other stuff I used, I must tell you that ALL of it is some sort of a scrap or long unused item in my stash. I am staying true to my word about not buying any more new stash until my scrap paper is used up, and I find this is flowing over into long forgotten embellishments as well.

The project has been laid out so that the box is on the left, and the card is on the right. I chose scrap DP that complimented the colouring on the image and set to work. I think the element that took the longest on this entire project was the ribbon ruffle. I had to cut pieces all of the same length, fold them in half and then adhere them, following with a long strip of the same ribbon to cover the ends.
I used an array of embellishments; a charm, tag, perspex flowers, fabric flowers, gems and a ladybug clothes peg.

The closed card and box look like this:

The box is actually just a shell for the tray of tea lights that I had. The tray fits snugly into the enclosure and easily slides out. The card opens upwards, instead of to the side.

Come along and join us at the challenge! Can't wait to see your creations! I hope you have a stunner of a day and an even better weekend :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea Time

Here in South Africa, it was Secretary's day yesterday. Though none of us ladies in the office I work in could be classified as secretary's, our company spoilt us to a day out of the office at a High Tea function. What a perfect photo opportunity :)

I packed the compact camera in my handbag that morning and set off to enjoy the spoil. I did take some regular people photo' know, the ones with the ladies :) and practised the art of depth photography on the fabulous treats that were placed before us. I think I did quite well and am impressed with how the photo's came out, they're going to make for a great scrapbook page :) My only regret is that we didn't ask anyone at the venue to take a photo of all five of us, wouldn't it have been great to give each one a framed pic of us? I guess I'm just nice like that sometimes.

Chocolate mousee was first up, yum yum!

Next up were tea stands filled with savoury's and sweets, we were ravenous though and kept looking out for more! despite how large the cupcakes may look in the photo, they were REALLY miniature!

When we visited the ladies room, I couldn't help myself, it is so clean and fresh and stunningly luxurious that I had to take a pic.

And how could I not show you the pics of us ladies? We had a lovely time OUT of the office and I am looking forward to our next escapade :)


Just a little more...

...waiting. Sorry Ladies! Due to Our DT leader at AiF feeling a bit under the weather, our challenge will only be posted tomorrow :( Boohoo!

I am hoping that this sneak will carry you through until then....

It is a card...and it is not a card....hmmm? wonder what it could be? Until tomorrow then :) Have a fantastic Thursday!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011: A Year in Review - Weeks 21-23

So....Week's 21-23 did not have any major events happen so I have been forced to mark Craft time as my highlight for all of them. One advantage to this though, is that I've killed three pages in one go :) Yay for me!

Because I crafted so much, I didn't want to focus on any one thing. I decided to do a journal page of sorts, in order to avoid placing emphasis on anything. My secret Pal, Mrs Nate is good at pages like this and I wish I could channel her crafting energy when needing inspiration for this sort of thing.
Good thing, then, that I had some of the stash she sent me for my birthday available :) She sent me this beautiful set of stickers, all craft related, which I utilised on my page.


I believe all the paper I used was Bo Bunny, and definitely not from my scrap stash....sorry. You'll notice some of those fabby felt flowers on the page too :) what handy little things they are! My journaling in the half 'sun' was all written out on strips of white cardstock, inked in black, and adhered just any old way.
I also punched a few holes in the centre of the page with my crop-a-dile and threaded green satin ribbon through the holes in a zig zag formation.

Think it's too plain? I don't know if I should add a few wallet sized photo's...hmmm. Anyway, hope your day is fantastical! and that you'll join me for another AiFactory challenge tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Felt flowers

Please don't get too excited by the title post, I really did only make very basic felt flowers. Nothing that is going to blow your mind or make you say WoW! But sometimes, it's the simplest things that make your projects WoW and I'm hoping these flowers will do that for me :)

On to the recipe list!

- Felt sheets in various colours
- Scrap pattern paper
- Die cut flowers (you could also hand draw)
- buttons/brads
- thread


- Scissors
- needle
- Marker

I do suppose that if you had a die for a cuttlebug or Big shot or something else like them, you could cut your flowers with much more ease. I have done this the 'old fashioned' way, which allows for those of you who do not have these dies and machines, to learn how to make crafting accessories without too much fan fare.

I started out by choosing three different sized chipboard flowers and tracing them onto my chosen felt and scrap paper with a felt tipped pen. I do think a sewing pen or pencil would work better but for lack of one I had to make a plan.


I then put the chipboard flowers to one side and cut the traced flowers out of the felt and paper. I then layered the cut pieces on top of one another in the order that I wanted the flower to look.


I then took a needle, some thread, and a button from my stash and sewed the stack together. I also made another variation of this flower, by only using felt and stitching around the edges of the top layer to add a bit more oomph :)


Remember last week's tin? Well, how do you like it now? filled with flowers for future projects!

Hope you're inspired to dig into your stash and make your own flower embellies. Remember, you don't have to use felt to make them Pop! Use up some of your paper scraps! Have a stunning day everybody :) Tomorrow brings another Week in review LO!