Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shock and horror....Something for boys...

Ahem....cough....I have an announcement to make...I made a card...with a male theme! I am only hoping that I can do Claire and Anne-Marie proud with this one, they seem to be the Queen's of Testosterone fuelled cards.

I proudly selected an Angel Company stamp from the new Vintage rides set for the card...thanks go to my BFF for these, she has good taste.
I stamped the image, along with matching banner and sentiment from the same set, onto coloured cardstock. I coloured only choice bits with my Sharpies in order to keep it muted.
I then mounted it directly onto a strip of ribbon that I had placed horizontally on the card. It actually looks like the plane is floating.
I drew the clouds free hand onto some blue cardstock, cut them out and then ran them through the cuttlebug in the clockworks embossing folder. Black ink finished them off nicely.
I really am a sucker for detail on a card, so I adhered two buttons in the bottom left corner, tying one off with some scrap netting thread...hoarder sickness I tell you...hoarder pays! And has done so twice this week already :)


I must proudly say that the entire card's paper came out of my scrap stash! how do you like that? I'm quite chuffed :) I finished the card off with a bit of faux stitching off to the side and made doubly sure the edges were heavily inked.

Ok, so what's the verdict? did I pass the Masculine card test? Holding thumbs that I did! Have a great Wednesday everyone :) And don't forget about the anticipated AiFactory Blog hop on Friday! Lots of goodies to be won!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - An altered Tin

I know this has been done countless times by many crafters, but I just had to jump on the bandwagon :) An empty tin just has so much potential to become a beautiful storage item.

When we finished a tin of coffee, I decided to swipe the empty storage unit and turn it into a storage tin for my felt flowers (of which I still have to make...more on this another day though). Here is a before and after of the actual tin, with and without it's coffee label.

Perfect for storage, no? so, here is the list of supplies you will need to follow my tutorial:

1 x Tin (label removed, inside washed clean and dried)
Pattern Paper (enough to go around the whole tin, and the top of the lid)
Cardstock (contrasting colour)
Ribbon ( I used two different kinds)
embellishments (I included, flowers, feathers and bling on my project)

I originally thought I was going to add some embossing to this project, that is why the cuttlebug is featured in the above photo. I decided against it in the end. The felt and chipboard flowers were used to make felt Flowers...more on this in next week's Tuesday tutorial.

Craft knife/Cutting cool
Craft scissors
Double sided tape
Scalloped ruler/template or punch
Circle cutter

Ok, so now that you have all your stuff, the first thing you need to do is measure the height of the tin, between the inner edges. This will determine the height of your pattern paper needed. Cut your paper to size. Run double sided tape around the tin. I ran about five lines of tape to ensure that the paper would stick flush. Adhere the paper. Now take your cardstock piece (must be long enough to fit around the tin) and trace and cut, or punch a scalloped line along one of the horizontal edges.


Adhere the scalloped strip, scallops facing down, to the top edge of your tin. Now adhere ribbon to the centre line of your scallop strip, using double sided tape. I also adhered a thick lace ribbon to the bottom edge of my tin, making sure I hid the silver ridges of the bottom edge.


I then followed by adding a ruffled ribbon over the lace, I am too girly for words ok :) Next up is the lid. The lid of this particular tin is plastic and had ridges on it. It was somewhat difficult for me to cover but I got it right. Hopefully your lids will be flush and flat. Start by measuring the size circle you need to cover the lid. Cut the circle needed. Apply double sided tape to the lid. Adhere the circle. Embellish to your hearts content.


I added a few more embellishments to my tin after this, to tie in the elaborate flowers and feather work on the lid.


The finished storage tin now looks like this:


I quite enjoyed myself when I put this together and it really was one of the quickest projects I have attempted in a while. I find decorating 3d items much easier than cards and scrapbook pages... go figure!
So, hope you find the tutorial interesting and of some help. Send me a link to your altered item if this inspired you :) I'd love to see your take on it. Until tomorrow, have a stunner of a Tuesday!

I just so happened to pop by the Top tip Tuesday blog and they have a shabby chic challenge going. I thought I might just enter :) I also have a shabby chic tip to offer up.
When trying to achieve the shabby look, always over ink. It ages your pages/projects and gives more dimension to the overall effect.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Suggestions anyone?

I am at a loss for how to run this blog. It seems my crafty photograph endeavours are far and few between and it just irks me. I love to post often, just look at my craft blog and you'll understand.
Should I change direction and/or dynamic of the blog? move from photographic lessons to just plain photo's? If I do this, the most photographed subjects you'll see are hubby and me...stemming from my obsession with self portraits....

This leaves me with a dilemma...close blog? don't close blog? that is the question.

A card and AiFactory news...

I had quite a productive weekend, crafted to my heart's content! This means you're (hopefully) in for a good blog viewing week people!

I also have some exciting news about AiFactory, we'll be having a blog hop on Friday and participants stand the chance to win some good stuff! I'll be first on the list, so pop round then to find out what it's all about :)

I have a really quick, CAS card to show you all today. A bit of scrap paper, some ribbon and a die cut and I was good to go :) it's another birthday card for my comissioned list, here's hoping they like it!

I stamped the sentiment with black Stazon, and inked all other edges in black as well. Because the pattern of the paper and the butterfly were so busy, I didn't layer more than one matt.

I layered two of the same butterfly, which by the way, I have had for more than nine years! yes, it pays to hoard. This just proves that I was in love with paper when I was still at school and completely green to the papercrafting world :)

Hope you all have a fantastic day ahead of you, I'll be back tomorrow, for a Tuesday Tutorial!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011: A Year in Review - Week 20

Yes, I managed to make another page for the Year in review...shocked? I am! Two within the space of one week is quite impressive. Who knows, I might even churn out another four by the time next week rolls around. It's not like I have that many to make, say, only another 14 weeks and counting...
Despite my constant procrastination about finishing the weeks that I've let run away from me, I cannot wait to see the fruits of this album at the end of the year and this is what gives me the motivation to keep trekking on.

Week 20, if you'll remember was the week hubby and I went to the fantasticly awesome Roxette concert. I bought tickets to the show as soon as I heard they were coming, I have loved them since forever. I remember doing a jig and singing into a hairbrush on my parents bed while listening to their tunes pumping out on the CD player they had in their bedroom. Good times.

The concert started with these two freaks, dressed in short shorts and jamming while they played eighties and nineties tunes on their mixers. We loved every moment, we (mostly me) sang along and got hyped for the show that was to come. I don't think I will ever forget the experience. We are so blessed.

A few photo's can be found at my blog post here, go look, it will make you jealous :)

Anyway, enough jabbering, we're here for my scrapbook page aren't we? I used NEW, CLEAN, FRESH, SHINY paper...gasp! I couldn't find scraps that suited my mood and ideas. sorry. Wait! oh, yes, I did use a little scrap...I made a dalia flower! inspired by Vicky, who was inspired by Dawn. The pig dame is a stamped image I got from one of my BFF's, Birdie. I coloured her with a combination of watercolours, pencils and Sharpies. Fussy cut her out and added a bit of bling. The heart charm is a treasure found in my charm stash.

Even though I had written Week twenty into the banner on dame piggy, I couldn't resist spelling out Roxette with letter stickers and a big wooden letter, coloured in black and glittered with glitter glue.

I must admit I had trouble with deciding on placement for this page and I went through a few changes....


Before Hubby helped me pick this one:

I think we made a good choice, you think? Hope you all have a stunning day, we're one day closer to the weekend!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magazine ATC feature!

Whoop! whoop! Imagine my surprise when I browsed through a local crafting magazine on Sunday...and saw my name! I swear I embarrassed my poor husband to no end because I said very loudly and very excitedly... 'That's me! That's me!'... while we were standing in front of the magazine rack. Ok, so maybe I shrieked it more than I said it...

I bought the magazine. Obviously.

I am stopping short of tearing out the page and framing it, because I really didn't get in there on my own merit :) I just so happened to participate in an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swop for South Africans through the Crafters Digital Art Centre site that was published in the July/August issue of Craftwise magazine.
You'll find my original post with a photo of the actual ATC here. I think they photographed it better than I did :)

Off to start my day now friends, hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy smurf day!

Ok, not really, but it's close enough :) I think I've done pretty well these last few posts to expand my blog a little. I love cards, but I also love scrapbooking and altered items. Because cards are so much quicker to put together, I tend to craft them more than I do the others.

I'm back to showing you all a card today, I have a few birthday cards commissioned for the end of this month so I need to get my butt moving. Today's post brings one of the first cards I made for the batch. It so reminds me of watching the smurf cartoon when I was a child, just because of the colour of the blue I used to colour the image.

I chose an image from Tiddlyinks called Fairyhouse, it is a freebie that I recieved a very long time ago. I used my Sharpies to colour it in and then fussy cut to adhere to the card. You can see lines where the colour dried before I could finish colouring, hubby reckons it looks intentional and that it gives dimension to the mushroom, bless his heart :)

The happy birthday sentiment is another freebie by an unknown artist, if you recognise it please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due. I coloured the edges with my sharpies on this as well. I adhered to the card over a layer of ribbon (courtesy of one of my International pals), complete with a double bow!

I've started to become less attached to my stash and brave enought to actually use things. So out came the treasured maya road pins and some of my flowers...

I used the Cuttlebug swiss dots folder to emboss the yellow cardstock that forms part of the card matt. All paper except for my card base came out of my massive scrap stash pile...I echo my friend Anne-Marie in saying that every time I blink the pile seems to grow a little taller. I'm hoping it begins to dimish soon, I've even resolved to not buying anything new (except adhesives) for my entire stash until it's all used up...gulp* Here's the finished card:

That's it for today folks! Catch you again tomorrow :) Hope you have a Fantastic day!


Monday, August 22, 2011

We're so Gansta*

Yes, we are, especially when we wear our 3d Movie glasses. Really.

Wine Glass Decor Tutorial

So I teased you all by making you wait for today's tutorial, truth be told it aint that long and I'm hoping you aren't disappointed. I did find that the end product is quite effective and will look amazing on a set dinner table.

The idea was not mine originally, but I was inspired by a printable I saw on the Martha Stewart site. For the life of me, I cannot find the original link, but it's there...somewhere in the craft area of the site. The idea is to print out the butterfly template they have (for free) and then use it as a name tag for table seatings at a dinner party.

I thought it was quite clever, and at the same time thought about how I would make this little jewel of an idea. I don't much like cutting things out with my scissors if I have a die cut that will do the work for me. In this case, I have a cuttlebug butterfly die that would (and did) work perfectly. More about that in the tutorial, so here goes:

Scrap Paper (cardstock or pattern, whichever you prefer)
Small beads (optional)
Cuttlebug Butterfly die
Cuttlebug embossing folder (your choice, I used swiss dots)

Craft Scissors

Start out by cutting a piece of scrap paper to fit the size of your butterfly die. Cut the butterfly by running the die and paper through your cuttlebug. Next, place the butterfly diecut into your cuttlebug folder and run this through the cuttlebug. Finish by inking all edges of the finished butterfly.


Now, using your ruler, bend both wings of the butterfly upwards. Take your scissors, and in the body of the butterfly (while the wings are folded upwards), cut a short line that angles towards the head of the butterfly. Open the butterfly, bend the resulting 'triangle' in the body slightly backwards and finish embellishing.


Your loveky new table embellishment is ready to rock and roll now, hope you give it a go. It really is one f the easiest projects I've made in a while :)


Thanks for popping by :) the rest of this week will bring (gulp) one magnificent magazine feature (stoked about this), some more Week in reviews, and possibly a few cards. I also want to welcome my brand spanking new followers! welcome! And last but not least, I hope you all have a smashing Monday, may the Blues that so often come with it be fluttered away by the sounds of many paper butterflies*