Sunday, March 20, 2011

Card Set #1 - Card #5

It's arived! the last and final card of Card set #1! I must apologise for the late post, I got a little carried away with the enjoyment of my long weekend :)

Here is what the card looks like:

As you can see I had loads of fun punching out the different layers of the pattern papers! And this card just encompasses all the others with its range of paper.
The secret in the closure of the card flap lies in the ribbon...

The ribbon in fact, goes all the way round the card, and is adhered along the back. Once untied, the card opens perfectly.

There you have it ladies, it's finally complete! I can't wait to start working on next month's set :)

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend, catch you a bit later once I've finished the LO for the week's review :)

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  1. Well I never, P! How gorgeous is this?! How long did it take to do all those layers, then, eh?
    There's a "posh" shop near me that sells beautiful packs of notecards, and your beauties remind me of them....but their's are just printed, and yours are "real"!!
    Great job, P.......can't wait to see what you get up to next!


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