Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogland love

I arrived home from work yesterday afternoon to find an envelope in the postbox addressed to little ole me :) The sender was Claire Easson (My fantastic blogger friend!) and I couldn't help but wonder why she had sent me something and not told me about it!

Until I read the card that is :) Remember the pay it forward post I had on here a few weeks back? Well, I originally responded to Claire's pay it forward post and this was her papercraft gift to me :) I was so chuffed!

And you can even see how C made this card here! Isn't she talented? Her colouring is just out of this world, hubby and I both thought that it was so well coloured it looked printed!

C, thank you so much my friend, It's perfectly Girlie enough for me :)

P.S. Notice how the colours of the card perfectly match my blog? Had to be part of your brilliance!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, two mentions in two days, fame at last! Glad you like it :D


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