Friday, February 11, 2011

Thinking of you

Today's card actually started out as a happy birthday card. I made it on Wednesday night and when I took another look at it last night I didn't like it. I think we can be our own worst critics sometimes and I am definitely critical of my own work.

Here is the before pic:

Well now, let me get on with telling you how I made the card before I show you the altered version.
Firstly, all paper came out of my scrap stash. I resorted it all last night as it has seemed to be getting untidy again. I've sorted them into their colour groups and am ready to get cracking again. I plan on using it all before I buy another single sheet!
The lighter orange was put through my cuttlebug in the stylized flower folder and inked in black. The orange dotted ribbon is a beautiful satin from my ribbon collection.
The flower is actually two flowers put together with a marvelous brad. I've been hoarding these brads for some time but I think it's time to get rid of the old so I can get some new!

The sentiment was printed off the computer and some teeny butterflies were added to the corners to add some interest.

So, Here is what I didn't like... The sentiment. I had printed it on white paper and when it came to putting it on the card, It was too stark. So I coloured it in with an orange pencil crayon and added the butterflies. Also, the ribbon on the bottom looks so harsh, almost as if it was stuck there 'just because'.
To me it looks so out of whack compared to the rest of the card and I just couldn't bear to give someone something that I didn't personally feel was my best work.
Let me tell you that before I started with this card I had actually coloured in a fairy image to use. But, I couldn't find inspiration to make it look good on this card. Very difficult card crafting night for me it seemes as I definitely didn't have any trouble with the scrapbook page!

So here is what I did to change the card's LO:

I found a beautiful crucifix charm in my stash that I thought would look perfect, hanging from the flower. I'd found a sentiment that I liked in my stash that said 'thinking of you' and thought the charm would fit well.

I stamped the sentiment onto the same orange as the matt and embossed it with clear powder. I adhered it to the card slightly overlapping the bottom ribbon piece to break the harsh line.

I'm quite pleased with the final outcome and feel much more confident! Phew! thank goodnes my card making mojo returned last night :)

It's finally Friday! Hope your weekend is simply smashing!

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  1. Petra, I thought the first version was ok, but didn't have the "wow" factor....but you pulled it out of the bag with the newer version.....very classy....would make a simply beautiful sympathy card....or Easter.
    My Mam doesn't "do" the internet, so keep quiet about my version of her turban, or she WILL thump me!


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