Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011: A year in Review - Week 6

Every time I post about another week in my album, I can't believe how quickly the year is going by. Can you imagine how shocked I am going to be when we reach week 52?

Well, last week's highlight had to be the Rammstein concert that Hubster and I attended on friday 11th. We recieved tickets for the show from his brother and wife (Conrad & Colleen) for Christmas and were so excited at the opportunity. Stephan has been listening to Rammstein for years, most people only started to listen to their music after they made an appearance in the movie 'XXX', staring Vin Diesel. They are the band in the underground club scene that blow fire from masks and have fire shooting up from the stage.

We were blessed to see the same kind of performance from them. It was all fire, fireworks and theatrics! Magnificent for me, who was actually attending my first, ever, concert! It's going to take a lot to beat what I saw and experienced :) Heck, I even played the part and wore a black leather corset and dark makeup!

Now, on to the page :) I loved making this weeks LO! I really had to dig deep in order to do the photo I had chosen justice. Never mind that it needed to be a 'stong' looking page too!

Here are a few of the elements:

The 100% certifed disc is actually a sticker off one of the 7Gypsies sheets and is raised on a foam square. The black pearl is self adhesive and there are 5 of these on the page. The memories sentiment is a scrappy cat stamp and was inked with black StazOn. Both the black ribbon and the silver twine are from my regular scrap stash. As you can clearly see, the grey and green cardstock was inked in black.

I saved the ticket stubs like a good little scrapbooker and stapled them to the photograph with green staples. The crosses are actually rubons :) The photo corners used are actually beads that can be used for jewellry, I saw them in a store once and thought they might come in handy one day, guess I was right! You can also see a strip of White ribbon to the left, this runs from the top to the bottom of the LO and also came out of my regular stash.

The image is from the start of the concert, dont you find all the lights in the crowd awesome? those are all people with their cameras up to take pictures!

The title is made up of stickers from a sheet I have in my stash. I was unable to go with my regular wooden letters because I have run out of E's! tragedy! The scrapbook store I bought them from says the supplier no longer makes them! Will have to think up a new theme to carry through the rest of the pages.

Well, that's it! think this is my favourite page in the entire album so far. I hope you all will have a Terrific Thursday and that the weekend will be on your doorstep soon :)

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  1. I'm havin' flashbacks, here.....The Beatles in Manchester, 1967!! I was 15 and totally in love with Paul McCartney :)
    Your page ROCKS,'ll have a fantastic visual aid to take you right back to that night, when you're a Grandma (like me)!


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