Saturday, February 5, 2011

Award and Blog Candy

I received this award from one of my fellow RSA stampers Ursula

The aim of this award is to give it to 3 -5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light [not with thousands of followers already]. So here are the terms for accepting the award:
1-create a blog post showing your award and say you accept it - done
2-say who gave the award and link back to them - done
3-link to 3-5 of your favourite blogs and let them know about the award - done

So without further ado, here are the blogs that I wish to showcase to you all. Please pop in and join them and leave a message for them.

Linda over at Lindy's Maid Wid Love
Lisa over at The Purple Place
Anne-Marie over at Little Apple Falls
Claire over at Eassons Angle
Wendy over at Wickdy's Creations

IMPORTANT BLOG CANDY FOR SOUTH AFRICAN BLOGGERS: Please visit ABCCrafts for some lovely candy.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend so far!

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