Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pearls, Ribbon, presents and good news!

Today's post is set to be a lengthy one, so you'll have to bear with me as I showcase a card I made last night, gifts recieved from some PCP friends for my birthday (plus a belated christmas package) as well as some very exciting news!

ok, first things first, the card!
I was in a very girly mood when I made this card and I really think that shines through. I find my crafting is at it's best when I create soft, beautiful projects. The base of this card came from my scrap stash of paper. You will notice that the fold is a little different :) I used the same fold as for this card here and just changed it up a little bit.

After folding the card, I stuck a piece of blue dp, punched on both edges with my Making Memories scallop punch to the bottom of the top flap. It was inked in Roan, as was the card base. I have these really neat tag pads in my stash and I used one to further enhance the 'flap' of the card. I stamped the journal scallop onto this in roan to add more interest and inked the edges in Black.
I recieved these really beautiful pearl strings and flat backed pearls from Tee, over at CDAC, and decided they would fit perfectly with the theme of the card. I adhered them underneath a layered flower, onto which I stuck some silver bling.

The ribbon on the bottom of the card was accented with a bow in the same colour with a silver bling stones in the centre. You'll also notice three flat backed pearls on the lower edge of the flap.

Notice how the edge of the tag is 'tucked' in? I very cleverly (if I say so myself!) cut a line into the bottom flap for the tag to slip in. This way, the flap stays closed!

There you go! A simple yet elegant card :) All that's left now is to figure out who will be recieving it!

On to my gifts! Well, I must say that I was so touched by the gift my friend Maria sent me for my birthday. She paid such attention to detail and totally sent me a whole package in my favourite colour! She made a stunning card, bookmark, sticky notepad holder, christmas angel ornament, cake slice box (with gummy bears inside) and a pillowbox (filled with german chocolate!...which you can see has already been dug into...)

Maria, I feel so spoilt and loved! Thank you so much for the package, it means the world to me and I couldn't stop saying how beautiful and clever everything you sent me was :) Thank you for adding the special touch of pink to the entire package too!

Next up is the LOOOOOONG awaited christmas package from Mrs Nate! We have waited for this pakage to arrive for over 2 months! Before I tell you about the wonderful things she sent me, I want to tell you about a little competition we have in my family... Every christmas, we always try and see who opens up the absolute last Christmas present, and the person who manages to do so has bragging rights to open up the package slowly and brag about it! silly but its so much fun :) Well, I have definitely won hands down for that competition this year! My dad was the reigning champ, and because of you Mrs Nate I have taken the seat :)

I must add that I was totally and utterly flabbergasted at all the goodies in the package, not to mention all the hard work it must have taken to put so many things together. I kept saying 'wow', 'awesome' and 'cool' the whole way through, up to a point where my FIL was laughing at all the times I said wow :)

Mrs Nate sent me two beautiful cards, one was christmasy, the other with our little 'whoo am I' theme.
I also recieved a chipboard sheet of diecuts, Hot chocolate (in a beautifuly made paper holder), a set of three charms (also in a stunning paper holder), a packet of bronze, silver, gold leaf (you will have to teach me how to use this), Ribbon in a stunning red paisley box, a gaurdian angel key chain (in an amazingly decorated gift box!), a stamp set (which I have already used on a project...), a matchstick holder with note paper in, a mini album (all it needs are photos!), die cut phrases (in pink and green), Maple candies almost complete the package....

After marveling at all the above, I finally came to something that was wrapped in pink tissue paper, I so love this and cannot wait for a scraproom of my own to proudly display it!

And Finally! We get to my good news :) In fact, I think its GREAT! I have been chosen to join the new DT over at AiFactory! My Term starts in March and I cannot wait to get started! If you'd like to have a look at the digi's they produce and enter their challenges, you can find the links in my sidebar :)

Hope you will all have a Terrific Thursday!


  1. YAY Petra I´m so happy that you finally got your Birthday present and that you like it. that makes my day :) YAY!!! Also what a great christmaspackage you got. Mrs.Nate you did an amazing job on that :)
    Enjoy your german chocolate, love you my friend
    Maria :)

  2. Great gifts Maria sent you glad to hear you finally received Mrs Nate long awaited gift.
    Congratulations on being a new DT member!!!

  3. Wow, Christmas all over!!. Congratulations on being chosen on to the DT. Look forward to seeing your creations.

  4. Oh, my goodness! S.P.O.I.L.T.!!
    Aren't Maria's angels just so cute? You certainly hit the jackpot, P.! Enjoy it all...including the choc :D....and TONS of congrats on making the DT...fantastic news!!

  5. Ooops.....meant to say how gorge your VERY pretty card is! Love all the different ickle bits n bobs....just beautiful....and if you're stuck for a recipiant....weeeell...just sayin'...:0


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