Friday, February 25, 2011

An invitation

Hi everyone!
Last night I was creating quite a few things (which i cannot show to you yet...), one of them was a real simple invitation. It can be used for anything! The wonder of this is the very clever Cuttlebug folder used for the invitation words.

I created it with a bit of an african type theme and used mostly only paper to embellish.

The striped 'ribbon' is actually pattern paper! I think it looks neat! The black embellishment was cut with one of my cuttlebug dies and then stamped with a scrappycat stamp. The stamp image was inked in black and embossed with clear embossing powder.
I thought it needed a touch of something extra so I added the gold twine beneath the fake ribbon :)

I decided that the embossing on the orange DP didnt stand out enough in terms of colour so I distressed it and then took my paintbrush, dabbed it onto my roan chalk pad and lightly 'painted' it over the embossed words. It definitely gave the words more depth and will probably save all of you from squinting to try and see what it says :) LOL!

Hope you will all enjoy your Fridays and that the weekend is simply smashing!


  1. What a fab idea Petra! This is really pretty! xxx

  2. Got to get me one a dem!
    Wish you'd done this back in December when I had to make 100 invites for my neice's 30th! :D

  3. By the way, ickle matey....thank you for your lovely comment, yesterday....I'm over my whinge now!


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