Tuesday, July 26, 2011


No lessons today, I thought I might give you all a rest from cat droppings and butt painting (happy now C?).

Some of my Craft blog readers might recognise this pic, it shows that a photo can be beautiful without having a person or an animal in it, just sayin...

Lion and Rhino Park, Magaliesberg

I've decided to leave all the technical jargon for those who ask, no point in boring the rest of you :)


  1. P, talk all the technical you want - overmy head anyway. I just love looking at your photos. Black and white just seems to make more of an impact than color usually does. Very nice, would make pretty card. Could see even chalking it in ever so softly for 2nd card. Just thinking out loud here ;)

  2. Picture makes you wonder what's beind that hill :o)

  3. Good point, Anne - what is over that hill P? Did you go and see?

  4. We actually did! There's a 4x4 trail over it. It's a beautiful rocky plateau with a stunning 360 degree view for miles! And according to 2 very suspect guys, there are also Vultures. Petra, I know you're laughing at this! very suspect individuals!


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