Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Card kit #4 - 7 Gypsies! Card #5

I am almost sad to post that this is the last card in the set, I love my paper choice and that 7Gypsies sticker sheet. Thank goodness these were only notecards and I still have tons of stash left for a few personalised cards or a scrapbook layout or two :)

Don't you just love the sentiments in this set? They could work so well for little encouragement cards.

And yes, I might just be overkilling it a bit with these flowers, but I really don't care...they are so very preeeeeety and easy to stick down :)

I cuttelbugged away again on this one, inked everything in black and went mad with hand cutting out scalloped patterns on my lower layers.

I layed out the entire set for a full look at them all together too, i really hope they sell well:

Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday, remember it's time for another AiFactory challenge tomorrow!

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  1. Bravo!! Absolutely love this whole set....the colours, the ribbon, the flowers....everything....and you're right about those stickers....hurry up and do something with the left-overs....or send 'em to me...ha!


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