Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Card Kit #4 - 7 Gypsies Card # 2

Day 2 of my card kit reveal, and boy am I having fun with the sticker sheet.

I went with an upright notecard this time and instead of a square or rectangular sticker sentiment, I went with a round one.

I think the addition of the blue button enhances and compliments the round sentiment.

I also did my little half flower trick again, but this time I only used one half.

Of course, the cuttlebug embossing will be a staple throughout this set.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! We're that bit closer to the weekend again!


  1. Very nice P and I hope no one is watching if I try and dance ;)

  2. Love all the detail. It is hard to stop looking at this creation, Petra.

  3. Normally people do a rain-dance - could I do the opposite..stil dancing but for the rain to stop. Lovely card :o)

  4. I'll join in with the dancin'....I'm doing the twist....not a pretty sight...Ha!...but this card certainly is....I think you're just showin' off now,!
    Ya know I love ya! x


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