Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Bag-a-lope!

I'm back! I'm back! And it feels so Fantastic!

Today's post might be a bit short because I'm still strapped for time, however I couldn't make you wait another day for the bag-a-lope. :)

I followed yet another tutorial on I'm really loving the diversity of tutorials they have on offer and it's really helped with the crafting mojo when I'm stuck for things to make. I love diversifying my crafts and as you've already noticed, I dont like sticking to just cards, or just scrapbooking, or just 3d items.

The bag-a-lope started out as a lonely envelope I've for a very long time. I got my degree through our national university UNISA, in 2007. UNISA allows you to study 'through' the post and then write your semester exams at a centralised centre. When you send written assignments etc, you have the option of submitting them online or posting them at the centralised centre in a special postbox. They provide these envelopes for you to do so:

Of course, being the technically savvy (Yeah right!) girl that I am, I used to submit my assignments online and had no need for these beautifully free envelopes, and I now have a stash of them amongst my old books. I dug one out and used it according to the was like magic!

I used scrap papers to make it all pretty and an Angel company sentiment (can never say thank you enough to my wonderful friend for these) that is probably my favourite 'any occasion' stamp right now. The scallops on the brown cardstock were punched with my making memories border punch.
A side angle photo shows how clever this little bag is:

Next time I make this, I'm going to try to give the bag handles instead of tying it closed with ribbon through punched holes in the opposite ends.

So? what do you think? Neat or what? I think it's awesome and still can't believe the genius of the person who thought this ickle project up!

Have a fantastic Wednesday! and don't forget to join me for an AiFactory project tomorrow!


  1. Evening P :)
    I did try and leave a comment this morning but struggled in vain so I gave up! I think that is pretty darn cool, would be great for Christmas pressies, might even give it a go myself....

  2. Now, isn't that nifty! I will expect a ton of these arrivin' in my mailbox...thankin' you in advance, you clever ickle!


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