Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Card Kit #4 - 7 Gypsies! Card #4

Ok, another one down, one more to go!

Card number 4 is again, much along the same lines as the previous three. I've used the same cuttlebug folder, ribbon and papers...and don't forget the button!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on this set, means so much to me :)

I love this sentiment from the sticker sheet, so true isn't it? And of course, I am in love with that ribbon!

The cute button that I've used throughout this set is actually laced with a thin white satin ribbon, didn't guess that did ya? That half flower also makes another appearance...

The full card:

Hmm, I might have to retake that picture, it looks a bit wonky to me :) Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. Very nice P. Still loving the half a flower trick and now you tell me the button has ribbon through it. Clever!

  2. Gorgeous! I would have trouble which card in this set is my favorite -- they are all so wonderful. But I gotta admit, I do love the sentiment on this one!

  3. One question: if all of these creations goes in 1 kit - how is the buyer/receiver ever going to send it, as I can easily imagine it being hard to part with these wonderful cards?

  4. Have to say I love all the striking colours and designs in this kit P. Your favourite set so far do you think?


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