Friday, July 8, 2011

Watercolouring - Attempt #1

Ok, so my fantastic blogger friend Claire has been up to a bit of experimenting lately, and has done so extremely well that I couldn't help but be inspired by her awesomness!

Claire, you'll find her blog here,  has taken to dabbling in watercolouring and inking lately and her creations are so darn good that she makes it look, I thought I'd give this new technique a go!

I armed myself with an image stamp (Kaiserkraft owl), some koki pens (steadler, really cheap, kids usually use them at school and you'll find them at stationery shops, CNA, Checkers etc.), an ink pad and some embossing powder...oh, and a glass of water, acrylic stamp mount and paintbrush :)

I first stamped the image in gold onto plain cardstock. I heat embossed with clear embossing powder and then got started with the colouring. I started out with a brown ink pad for the brown colour because I thought it was a bit richer in texture than the brown koki. I basically just dabbed the acrylic block onto the brown ink pad and then did my magic with the water and paintbrush onto that. The koki's I just coloured onto the acrylic block and then used water and the brush.Once painted, I stamped the image again, but in black and slightly off centre to the original. I can't remember where I learned this technique, but it definitely helps the image to stand out a bit more while shining in the gold at the same time. I ended up with this:

If there's one thing I have learned about water colours, it's that the colours are much softer and lighter (duh, you are telling me). Now, I did know this would happen, but seeing and knowing are two very different things. It made for a very interesting time when choosing the paper for the card.

I did use a sentiment stamp on this card, it is a local one, but has no name. It's block mounted on wood and could become a favourite for it's crisp stamping quality. I stamped in black and heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

The flower added a very whimsical touch. And of course, I just love me some ribbon and couldn't resist adding something to that effect. Jute chord at it's best, wrapped with pink crafters floss:

Ok, so before I show you the final result, I know some of you are going to ask which nestability template I used to cut the borders around the image and paper I matted onto....none. I have a plastic template ruler which has these shapes and I used it to draw around the image before hand cutting with craft scissors. Not as impressive (or as quick and easy) as a nestability die, but it works ok? so here goes:

And before I forget, I stamped on the envelope too :)

Hope you enjoyed my show and tell :) have a smashing Friday and an even better weekend :)



  1. What??!! Did you and Claire gang up on the rest of us pursuading us to use that technique? *LOL* Well guess I am still in my comfortzone

    Your card is absolutely stunning, first you think "a nice card without being overly detailed".. soon after you are eating your own thought/words when you see the owl's details :o)

  2. what an awesome and sweet card. very well done Petra :) love it

  3. you're just showin' off!
    Andaje is so right....gang of two, that's what you and Ace are!
    Great job that ickle owl..are you doing more watercolouring?
    You might get addicted....just a friendly warning....HA!

  4. P - you know I love this creation - keep it up. Who needs Nesties when your around?

  5. Lovely job! It looks like you have been doing this for years. Excellent!


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