Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In love with love

I love my husband; truly, madly and deeply (cue the Savage Garden hit song here). I am not in love with the idea of loving him. I really do love him. We live in our own little perfect movie life, it's way better than anything I've ever seen :) I could also just be biased, just sayin.
The point of my post however has got to do with the fact that I am also in love with love, specifically seeing other people in love. Isn't it just so beautiful? Those mutual looks of adoration, the meaningful glances, the hand holding, the stolen kisses. It's what makes a wedding so beautiful to capture on film, because no matter what, those two people will inevitably be glowing. I guess I could also just be a typical female in my views here but then so be it. I love, love!

Case in point being our family brunch on Sunday morning.  I caught my brother and sister in law in the sweetest hand hold when they thought no-one was looking. The original is colour, but isn't black and white so much more romantic?

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