Monday, July 25, 2011

Gastronomical Art

So my husband thinks that my idea for today's post is VERY arty farty, and he asked me why on earth I couldn't take a NORMAL self portrait?

Well, i thought that I was taking a NORMAL self portrait, he clearly does not agree. He even compared it to art we recently heard about....

This guy, no idea where he comes from, apparently uses a tube to suck paint up his butt (sucking with his butt, not the tube. The tube is the mechanism by which the paint flows into his butt...). Then he very arteeeesticly squirts said paint out of his butt onto a canvas. This is called Gastronomical art. Interesting, no?

[side note: Funny how I am talking about butt paint after posting cat poop....I am almost embarrassed.]

I love taking self protraits, it is something my sister and I have in common. I have it finetuned. But only when I am turning the camera around and taking a pic of myself (and others next to me) with my arm extended. This is no difficult task for me anymore and I need a challenge!

Which brings me back to my friend Christy's inspiration, taking a self portrait using a mirror and having the camera visible. I do not think that gastronomical art is the same as taking a self portrait of myself, using a mirror and having the camera visible. Point made. I would think it was the same if I was taking a self portrait of the inside of my left nostril on a particularly snotty cold day. So there, lovey. Take that!
For your viewing pleasure, here are a few examples of what I am trying to achieve (ahem, key word here is trying):

Photo source:
(make love to the camera!)

Photo source:
(simple, quick, easy)
(how awesome are her glasses?)

Photo source:
(I will opt to have all my clothes on......)
(how cool is this idea?)

 So clearly, I have my work cut out for me. This is an example of what I usually take. Spontaneous, on the go, in the moment, self portraits of myself and my hubby, and other family members:

How handsome is my hubby? Makes the whole photo I tell you.

These are my attempts at Self portraits, using a mirror and only myself as the subject (cringe):

I think this looks so dorky... there were so many that were just EPIC fails, I wont dare post them publicly.

This was probably the best of the lot...

Ok, so maybe hubby was a little right, it is a bit arty farty....and sooooooo difficult to get right. RESPECT to those who are good at it! I have to practise a bit more I'm afraid, or just take more photo's like this? I think so...


  1. Okay P, understand your challenge in taking the self portrait. Personally, the first photo would be my choice, not the one where the camera blocks your entire face.

    What I'm not understanding is why in the world would anyone suck paint up a tube to spatter it out from there. Reason to be happy on a Monday? I don't have to do his laundry. Just saying...

  2. i don't understand this either! Saw it on tv about a year ago by some American artist (is he really????). Still disturbed by it, and probably always will be!

  3. One question - did we really need to know about some weird bloke and his butt painting explosions? Coulda just said you need to practice standing in front of the mirror taking a photo of yourself. I'm sure Stephan would really appreciate a naked shot though. Just sayin'.

  4. I see I would get along great with Stephan! Though C might win him over with her line of thought. Just saying!

  5. Ha ha, thanks Birdie! Butt painting displays are really not for me! About the photo though .....


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