Friday, July 15, 2011

Photographic musings...

I've been toying with the idea of taking up photography as a serious hobby/business opportunity, I just love photographs. I love taking them, I love looking at them, and quite frankly, I love being in them with the people that I love so that one day I will have documented memories to look back on.

I love taking photo's of nature, I love taking photo's of people, I love taking photo's of random things. I love photo's.

Besides, they make for good scrapbooking too :) Here are a few of my favourites taken this year, so far:

These roses were blooming in our garden in February, I was so excited to catch the bee filling his legs with the pollen.
Easter weekend

My friend's wedding, the Chapel. April

This so reminds me of the part in Pinnochio where the little boys are turned into donkeys.... Wedding venue garden, April.
Lion and Rhino Park, deserted plain. June

Lion and Rhino Park, Waterbuck...exactly where they love to be. June

Lion and Rhino park, pic taken by my marvellous hubster. This guy was fast asleep when we came along, wasn't too bothered when we stopped either. June

Lion and Rhino park, cheecky little thing he was. June

Lion and Rhino Park, June. They look hungry

Lion and Rhino Park, Baby it was cold outside! I think this lovely agrees. June

Easter weekend, Family life.
My love ... April

What a peckerhead.... Easter weekend. April

Shame, poor baby. Wedding, April
I feel so blessed to be the eye behind the camera, God created everything and everyone so perfectly. Hope you have a fantastic Friday, I can't wait for the wekend to start :)

P.S. Those who know that I regularly follow your blogs, I am struggling to comment the last two days. Blogger is a beast and I have not forgotten you*



  1. What a wonderful eye you have for photographing! Lovely shots! And it looks like you have a wonderful spot to go to take photos of the wild life. Tell me about your camera. What lenses did you use? You may have inspired me to add some photographs to my own blog.

  2. Love the cheeky little guy and the peckerhead :o)
    I remember the pictures of the animals on you and hubsters trip a few months ago, which you shared in the secret pal forum: they are awesome! I say: follow your heart and try it!!!

  3. You already know that your photography amazes me...remember the simple trick you told me about?...I do, and my blog thanks you...ha!
    My faves from this ickle lot have to be the Rose, the deserted plain (so very atmospheric), and the ickle guy, (isn't he one of my grandkids? lol)....go for it Petra....Anne is right...follow your dream...helps if you have the talent you already!

  4. Oh Petra! What wonderful pictures; the vividness and the moments captured are breath-taking. I will need to take lessons from you on photo taking. Hope all is well on your end :)



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