Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Cat Poop...yes, Really.

I was supposed to show you a really insightful post today about self portraits, inspired by a friend of mine called Christy. She posted aout self portraits yesterday because she had to choose one of herself for a notebook, but I digress.

My hair decided that it absolutley had to be washed last night because if I didn't I would look like an absolute hot mess at work today. I wasn't ready for the humiliation and gave in to said hair washing experience. That, and washing the puppy, who smelled to the high heaven of poop and wee. Could someone please explain how they get this right? I digress again.

My point being that I ended up washing my hair, washing the dog and rushing through a craft project for a challenge deadline.... evening finished. No pretty straight hair for pictures in sight, this blogger was way too tired to whip out the ole straightner. I am not vain, but really, who wants to see a dishevelled self portrait? Albeit a lesson in selfportrait taking?

I'll be leavng my little self-portrait lesson for tomorrow's post now.

So, I leave you with a completely random photograph taken last month at the lion and rhino park. It has something to do with a Big cat living there.

I thought it was funny, hubby and sister not so much. I have a feeling they were wondering how sane I was at this probably will too. Then again, I'm not usually one for taking 'normal' photographs.

Taken in the Lion enclosure, Lion and Rhino Park. Magaliesberg

I wont even bother with the finer camera details, I doubt National Geographic will ever want to publish it. Also, note how I specially changed all colour to black and white, wouldn't want you to barf up your stomach contents now would we? 



  1. I would say "thanks for sharing" but really, would you believe me? I think not. Remind me to send you a photo of Josh's nappy sometime as payback.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Looks like litter box on any given day with two kitties in household ;) Thanks for taking it black and white though.


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