Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Calendar

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Christmas is coming ever closer and what better way to count down the days than with an advent calendar? I confess this is not my own original design but rather one I found on the net. There were no instructions, just a picture of this most wonderful idea!

View of the top of the Calendar
As you must be gathering, the calendar is actually a 3d one. It was made out of matchboxes, acrylic paint, paper, brads, ribbon and embellishments from my stash.
If anyone would like to know how I created the calendar, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will send you the instructions.
For now, here is what it looks like:

A view of the entire box with a few drawers pulled out

Side view - you can see the 'feet' I gave it.

I really loved creating this, the idea was just too cute for me not to try it! I hope it gives you all a little more Christmas inspiration.

Hope you have all had a good start to the week, and that this Tuesday is Terrific!


  1. This is a good idea.Love Mum

  2. This is just beautiful, Petra.....I'd love the instructions.....or a link :)
    My email

  3. have u a template for this design. can u share me. turkerturgut@yahoo.com thanks!


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