Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Magic of Christmas...

Yesterday I found out a little more about my SP and decided to create a card inspired by a little something she told me about herself. She said she loves colour! So, here is a quick little Christmas card that was created using non-traditional materials :)

I only used one colour cardstock and one pattern for this LO, one ribbon and one sentiment. I chalked all edges in Roan by colorbox (I am so predictable arn't I). The sentiment comes off a sheet of sentiments that I purchased from my local scrapbook store and it is made by Enmarc. These sentiments are really cheap if you are looking for something along this line for your crafting.
I tried a technique with the ribbon that I have only seen on other cards and never tried. I think I did pretty well considering. The shiny gold parts on the pattern paper were achieved using my glitter glue.

I am sure that you can all start feeling the magic of Christmas as we draw nearer to the 25th of December.
I hope that you are having a good week - we are half way already! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
P.S. this post was for you my Secret Pal :)

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