Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The new year is rapidly approaching us with 2010 soon to be in the past. Last nights project I plan on carrying over into this evening as I didn't manage to finish. I ran out of a bit of inspiration and decided it was best to think on it a while longer.

I recieved a 2011 diary which was one of many given to our company by our suppliers and decided I needed to spruce it up a little.

Yes, you see pink ribbon and pink paper in the above photo. How did you guess? hahahaha!
I covered the diary with a 3 quarter sheet of cardstock and a quarter sheet of pattern. I covered the line between the two with the pink ribbon. I inked all the edged in a creamy brown colour by colorbox and added sticker numbers to the top right of the front cover. I have these really lovely vintage pieces in my stash so I added the receipt and the tag to the cover as well, linked them with a black gel sticker. I also added the letter P to the top left of the diary as the first letter of my name.

I left the back cover of the diary as I started to run out of inspiration and I really want this diary to look good. I also left the inner panels empty as I want to go through my paper stash to see what to use there.

The inside cover of the back of the diary
The inside cover of the front of the diary
Once I've finished embellishing the diary and covering the inner panels, I will cover the entire thing with a plastic cover so as to protect it. Before I go to bed tonight I'll have a lovely new diary for the new year! yippee! Hope you all like the colour combination and the vintage feel of the project and that you will be inspired to try something along these lines too!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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