Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's fresh!

Holidays are so refreshing don't you all think? Today's project was truly refreshing for me as I havn't made a 3d project in a while.

I chose yellow as I am wearing my favourite perfume - Yardley Sunflowers, and thought it would make a lovely image.

The box is big enough to fit mini cards 7x7cm big, though these I will only show you in tomorrow's post.
The box is of my own design and is inked in roan. I stamped the flowers onto the cardstock before pasting it together, these too were stamped in Roan.

I was tempted to add extra embellishments but the box really looks so lovely that I couldn't bear to add anything else :)

The closed note box
With the lid open. I achieved the half circle by using my circle punch on the panel before pasting the box together.
A side view of the open box

I hope you all enjoyed todays project and that it inspires you to make something fresh!

Have Terrific Thursday!

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