Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding bells complete!

Despite what you may think about the title of this post, it has nothing to do with the royal couple that got married last week. It has to do with my friend who got married last Saturday :) As you might remember going back through my posts, I made all her wedding stationery. This included the invites, gift tags, table numbers and table placings.

You've already seen the invites and the gift tags, now for the table numbers and placings!

The table placings are little cards with guests names on them as well as the table number they have been seated at. I designed the cards using Microsoft Excel and graphics I have in my freebie digi stash.

I printed four of the placings per 1 sheet of A4 white cardstock and then cut them out with my ruler and craft knife :) Don't know about you but I've never really liked using a paper cutting tool, the lines never seem straight to me.

The table numbers were a little different to the norm. I designed a triangular shaped 'cone', that held the menu, program for the evening and the table number. I cut three separate panels for the 'cone' and pulled them together into the triangle shape using ribbon.

I really enjoyed designing all the elements that went into this project and though it was a lot of hard work, I would certainly do it again... All 50 invites, all 120 gift tags, all 65 table placings, and all 12 table numbers!

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday and that your weekend ahead is blessed :)


  1. P, still amazed! Would never venture into craft knife and ruler myself as would end up with more cuts to me than to paper. Really beautiful work and I am sure your friend cherished the gift.

  2. Oh Petra, they look soooo elegant....what a lot of hard work, but the results are amazin'....have I called you Clever Clogs before? LOL. Craft knife?...Ruler?...No way....I like my ickle fingers, thanks!


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