Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Button challenge at Sisterhood of Crafters!

It’s amazing how quickly times seems to fly when you’re having fun, and how slowly it can drag when you’re having anything but…
That’s exactly how I’ve felt throughout this month, being a Guest designer for The Sisterhood of Crafters Challenge Blog. How did it all come and go so quickly? I remember when I heard I had been picked for May month in February of this year and I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself, especially since I got the news on my birthday! I didn’t know how I was going to wait it out until then, and how I was going to make something spectacular to try and live up to what they had chosen me to create?

So, my final project for the GDT this month is in keeping with this weeks challenge theme, Buttons. You (and I was) are challenged to make a project using buttons on it. I love buttons on projects, they are such versatile little things. They can be glued, stitched and even stuck on with double sided tape. They come in all sorts of different shapes, colours and sizes. How could you not love them? They can be used to make a pattern, stuck all higgledy piggledy, adhered all on their lonesome, or stacked up on each other to make a quaint Christmas tree decoration. Are you getting my point yet?

Now’s the point where I tell you how my crafting mojo fled me on this project. As hard as I tried to make a card with this theme in mind, I just couldn’t. I didn’t even have the will to make a Scrapbook page. Darnit. I scrapped two cards before I finally gave in to my desire to make a 3D item…last night…just in time to meet my deadline.

I chose classic ‘Petra’ papers, embellies, and buttons and created a fantabulous 3D item that I am so proud of my heart bursts J not really, but I think it’s really beautiful and that’s all that matters.

I made a little treasure chest of sorts using Matchboxes, glue (a lot of it), acrylic paint, paper, embellies and BuTtOnS! I took a few pics of the process, I think it will tell the story nicely, so please bare with me:

Where it all started, a bulk pack of matchboxes that had 10 of these babies in it. That makes 100 boxes in total, I used 12 for this project.

I took the 'drawers' out of the 'holders'

I made four tiers of the empty 'holders' by sticking them together with glue. I held them together with mini clothes pegs to ensure they stuck flush to each other. This enables them to stick straight.

I then painted them with acrylic paint.

This funny looking thing is the cardboard from the back of an examination pad of paper. I cut two squares from this to act as the top and bottom base of the project.

The squares were covered in pattern paper. this is actually the side onto which the matchbox structure will be stuck.

The other side of the square.

The tiers were adhered to one of the card bases. making sure they formed a perfect square and that each side had one open ended drawer opening.

The drawers were also painted in acrylic paint (by my hubster, who could see my time shortage for the project). I then stuck a piece of pattern paper in the centre. It's always in the details.

This is to show you the amount and pattern of the glue I adhered in order to get the bases to stick to the tiers.You can see I held them together with tape first, before adding the glue. This made sure they did not separate from each other and become wonky.

The Buttons were added to the drawers as handles :)

The completed project, embellishments and all!

Voila! I think this would make a perfect girly gift :) Can't wait to see how buttons inspire you!


  1. WOW Petra a lot of work and it is just beautiful--looks like you had fun with this project

  2. This is very beautiful. Love the tutorial too. Hugs lin


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