Monday, May 16, 2011


Hi All! Friday the blogger application seemed to be having trouble, I struggled heavily to no avail in order to get a post up. I’m glad to see that it’s up and running again today.
I must admit I have been struggling lately to keep up with trying to post a little something on here every day through the week, hopefully life will start slowing down a bit so that I can make it possible to post regularly again J
As many of you might remember, it was my wedding anniversary last weekend (8th May) and in celebration we went went away this past weekend. Friday night we attended the Roxette concert at SunCity and we stayed the whole weekend at the ATKV resort called Buffelspoort.
We were about 6 rows from the front of the stage during the concert and I was in my element! I remember listening to Roxette cd’s and singing my heart out through a hairbrush while dancing on my parents bed J And later in my husbands car! LOL!
We got a couple of good shots during the show and I keep wishing we could go back and do it all over again! Heres a few pics I wanted to share with you… crafty magic will start up again tomorrow J


  1. Great shots there P! Looks like you had a well deserved get-away.

  2. Wicked wicked wicked shots P! They "rox"! She hasn't aged in years!!! Glad you had a fantastical time!
    Mrs. Nate xo


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