Friday, May 20, 2011

Bon Voyage

Ok, so my blog header doesn't mean I'm going on a trip....not yet anyway :) And neither is anyone else I know. So why the Bon Voyage you ask?
Well, My hubster and I are toying with the idea of taking an overseas holiday next year around this time for our next wedding anniversary. We're planning far in advance in order to make sure we actually follow through and have enough money saved up by then :)
This formed the inspiration for my card today! maybe I'll give it to hubster next year as an anniversary card seeing as we'll be going away? ....

I went back to my BIG letter card kits I designed last month and made this one from one of the LO's. The card was so easy to put together because I had my notes etc on hand. All I had to do was cut and construct :) sooooo much easier than trying to figure out a whole new design!

I used a floraly/postage stamp set of papers for the theme and I love how well they worked together! I reckon I'm going to make a whole set of cards out of these :)

I have stamp set from KaiserKraft that has four 'goodbye' type pf sentiments. I chose the Bonvoyage. I stamped it in black and heat embossed it with clear powder. I Adhered this over a layer of four chord strings on the card.

The Big letter had a piece of pattern paper adhered behind it, and then stuck onto a square of plain  contrasting cardstock. I stitched around the edges with my black steadler fine tip for more depth. I always find that a cards aesthetic success lies in the details.

I covered three perspex flowers in another pattern and then stuck white pearls in their centres before adhering them to the left of the big letter.

The card is an easel, so I used more perspex flowers to use as the stopper for the easel stand. I left them as is and find it balances out the busyness of the rest of the patterns.

Don't know about you, but I am simply loving the combination :)

Hope you all enjoy a Fantastic Friday and a marvellous Weekend!

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