Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special friends

I am so happy when I recieve post in the mailbox that has a foreign stamp on it. It means that I've recieved 'happy' mail from my crafty friends overseas :)

I have the joy of showing you two marvelous creations today! Both though, have been recieved by 'anonymous' senders. One being my Secret Pal, who I will only find out who she is in October; and the other a secret Easter bunny from the UK :) Both are in the group Anything Goes at Paper Craft Planet so I can take my guesses at who they are from there....

First up is my Secret Pal's 'wintery' message :)

Next is the Easter bunny's treat!

Aren't I spoilt? Thank you ladies for these wonderful gems!

I was browsing through my stash last night, thinking to myself that I should really stop procrastinating about catching up with my Year in review scrapbook. And I need some advice now because I've left it a good few weeks! What do you all think about catching up the missed weeks in one consolidated double layout? I'm thinking it would be a good idea as I'd be able to carry on with the weekly pages from there...not that I'm feeling lazy or anything... LOL!

I have a special surprise for all of you tomorrow though, I'm a Guest Designer over at one of the challenge blogs, but I can't tell you until then because they need to anounce it first :) Have fun trying to figure it out!

And have a Terrific Tuesday :)

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  1. Saw your cards in the forum this morning....brat!
    Was wondering what happened to your project....I'd do the double pages....I've often had to do this....with 42 years of photos I'd never catch up otherwise!
    Go for it!


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