Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011: A year in Review - Week 2

Here it is Everyone! Week 2 in my and Mrs Nates awesome 12x12 Album :)

I must admit that no scrap paper was used in this layout as I really wanted to achieve a certin look for which I did not have large enough scrap pieces. I did however keep it minimal and only used two whole sheets from my regular stash - no left overs from these two either! So, I guess, I still prevented myself from adding any additional scraps to the scrap paper stash.

This week's page does not have any photo's adhered, but instead a coloured digi and a very large flap under which I have journaled. The digi actually symbolises my youngest sister, who's cat had two kittens this week. She is so overprotective of her cats that I think they sometimes feel like the cat that the little girl is holding :)
If anyone could help me with the origin of the digi I used I would be most grateful. It is one that I got early on in my discovery of digi's and I failed to note the artist.

The Title for the page was put together using wooden die cut letters, which I coloured pink with my Steadler koki pens. I am going to try and use these letters throughout the album as a sort of quirky link between each page.

Because the page had so little embellishments and the background paper so busy, I decided to place a plain looking yet detailed word embelly on the bottom right hand corner. It is actually something I've had in my stash since I started scrapbooking and I decided it was time to make a plan!

To add interest to the cover of my journal flap, I decided to run the piece through my cuttlebug with the flowered swirl embossing envelope. I had to run it through three times in order to be able to emboss the entire length of the flap. Here is the final product.

Hope you are all well into the swing of things this week and will enjoy a Terrific Tuesday!

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