Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family blessings

I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to have such a loving family, not only my own but my hubby's too. It was my Hubby's brother's wife's birthday on the 3rd and because she loves her family just as much as I do I decided it would be most fitting to give her an altered frame filled with family memories.

I didn't do much to the frame as I wanted to keep it elegant to suit her taste. I stamped the leaf image onto the white base of the frame inner with a light blue ink and then drew over this with my blue steadler fine tip to enhance the colour. The Letter C stands for the first letter of her name (Colleen) and I covered this with patterned paper. The vintage stamp is one I found in my stash and decided to finish the look I would tie a piece of twine through a blue flower.

I also added some bling to the 'C' and stamped flowers onto the pattern paper in light blue ink. The flowers aren't fully visible but they definitely make a difference to the depth of the paper.

I also personalised the bottom right hand corner of the frame by signing it from myself and Stephan with the date.

I loved how the entire frame turned out and so did Colleen. I managed to take lots of photos when she opened her gifts and I will definitely be using some for my first week in the 2011 review album :)

Hope you all enjoy a Wonderful Wednesday!

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