Monday, January 3, 2011

Coles little Helper

Hi all!

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend? I did, I decided it was high time to tidy up my crafting stash and boy is it a lot of work! I am still busy trying to sort everything! Hopefully I get to finish up tonight because I really need to get crafting :)

Don't despair, I still have a little something to post for you all today! I recieved a card from one of the members in the AG group on PaperCraft Planet. Specifically it was from someone in the Secret Pals group and the person signed the card from Cole's little helper....hmmmm. The only clue I have is from the Post office stamp which says Edinburgh on the envelope. Who could it be? Whoever you are, I love the card and thank you so much for thinking about me :)

Have a Montastic Monday!

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