Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Wishes Take six!

Ok, so todays post brings you MANY photos! I'll be showcasing the six cards I made on Wednesday night for the birthday girls coming up in February. There are actually seven ladies that need cards, but the seventh reads this blog (you know who you are) and I will have to come up with a little something different for her :)

As hinted yesterday, the cards are all pink to symbolise February's penchance for being known as the month of love (Valentines day being on the 14th and all). Anyway, because the cards are all for ladies in my birthday club I thought I would do something special and unique. All the birthday club cards will be the same idea but I plan on using different colours for each month of the year.

I have altered wage envelopes to make them pretty and cover up the wage information on the front and made matching notecards to fit within. Each card has a space into which I will write the recipients name. There isn't much I can say about the construction on the cards except that I used scrap paper from my stash (my mission this month) and used the cuttlebug to emboss where seen. For February's cards I dug into my vintage stash for the pretty pink embellies.

So, before I jabber along too is the mountain of photos!







So there you have it. Six cards whipped up in a jiffy and ready to be posted! I must say these all look lovely when placed together as they truly look as if they belong in a box set...could be a really nice gifting idea!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! The weekend is going to be great!

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