Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday wishes

Last night was filled with much craftiness for this little addict! I managed to make 7 cards! awesome? No? One is going to be showed in today's post. I have made it with someone specific in mind but can't say who as they are sure to read this. The other six I will show you tomorrow as they are more or less part of a set and are going to be sent out to some ladies all over the world for their birthdays in February.

On to the card for todays post though. I am determined to scrap and make cards the next few weeks out of only scrap read right....SCRAP paper. In other words, paper I have left over from past projects.
I was fortunate enough to find quite a large piece of green cardstock measuring 15x30cm so i decided to make a square card using this as the base.

I found another large piece of contrasting red cardstock and cut this to 14.5x14.5cm's so that it would look as if the green of the base was a matt for the red. I used light blue silk ribbon at the bottom of the card and stuck a piece of patterned paper which I scalloped with my special ruler above this. I stitched around the border of the red cardstock with my black steadler fine tip.

The bracket to the left of the card is a white chipboard die cut that I had in my stash and I tied a dual-toned ribbon around the lower bracket for some interest. The Bird house is a three-dimensional die cut in my stash made by a company in china.

The silver square with the sentiment on it was created using my scalloped scissors. The large letters are 3-dimensional stickers. The smaller letters are clear stickers. All edges except the pattern paper were inked in jet black.

I really enjoyed making this card and find that I am being drawn to different colours the more I craft. Tomorrows post shouldn't shock any of you as it brings more pink to the blog :) But that's only because February is the month of love!

Have a Terrific Thursday everyone!


  1. Oh, Petra, you've inspired me.....I have SO much scrap stuff that I really need to do something with, lol.
    Beautiful card, too!

  2. Wow! Don't tell Queen B how many you made, she'll never sleep again trying to keep up! I only managed 4 yesterday.... DADL ninja over and out:)


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