Monday, August 22, 2011

Wine Glass Decor Tutorial

So I teased you all by making you wait for today's tutorial, truth be told it aint that long and I'm hoping you aren't disappointed. I did find that the end product is quite effective and will look amazing on a set dinner table.

The idea was not mine originally, but I was inspired by a printable I saw on the Martha Stewart site. For the life of me, I cannot find the original link, but it's there...somewhere in the craft area of the site. The idea is to print out the butterfly template they have (for free) and then use it as a name tag for table seatings at a dinner party.

I thought it was quite clever, and at the same time thought about how I would make this little jewel of an idea. I don't much like cutting things out with my scissors if I have a die cut that will do the work for me. In this case, I have a cuttlebug butterfly die that would (and did) work perfectly. More about that in the tutorial, so here goes:

Scrap Paper (cardstock or pattern, whichever you prefer)
Small beads (optional)
Cuttlebug Butterfly die
Cuttlebug embossing folder (your choice, I used swiss dots)

Craft Scissors

Start out by cutting a piece of scrap paper to fit the size of your butterfly die. Cut the butterfly by running the die and paper through your cuttlebug. Next, place the butterfly diecut into your cuttlebug folder and run this through the cuttlebug. Finish by inking all edges of the finished butterfly.


Now, using your ruler, bend both wings of the butterfly upwards. Take your scissors, and in the body of the butterfly (while the wings are folded upwards), cut a short line that angles towards the head of the butterfly. Open the butterfly, bend the resulting 'triangle' in the body slightly backwards and finish embellishing.


Your loveky new table embellishment is ready to rock and roll now, hope you give it a go. It really is one f the easiest projects I've made in a while :)


Thanks for popping by :) the rest of this week will bring (gulp) one magnificent magazine feature (stoked about this), some more Week in reviews, and possibly a few cards. I also want to welcome my brand spanking new followers! welcome! And last but not least, I hope you all have a smashing Monday, may the Blues that so often come with it be fluttered away by the sounds of many paper butterflies*



  1. Love both your ideas Petra. Very clever little butterfly.

  2. Wow!! I really do like this P....can see me doing this for Millie's birthday party in November.....I'm sure it will work on plastic tumblers for the kiddlewinks...ha!
    Lots of bright colours would look lovely.....
    Magazine? Did I miss something? If you tell me you got published I'm gonna spit in an envelope and send it to!

  3. ps......Congrats on your win at Stretch 'n' Bubbles.....which digi did you choose?

  4. What win????????? Have to follow AM around to learn things...

  5. What win? What magazine? Did everyone lose my email address or something?
    More to the point, when's the dinner party? Want my name on one of those beauties :)


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