Friday, August 12, 2011

Cellular Capers

I never think about the fact that I might forget my cameras at home. NEVER. yet, I seem to do it so often. My most recent blunder was when hubby and I went to see my parents for this past long weekend...

I realised my misstep while we were on our way out of Johannesburg. It was one of those 'gasp!' moments where I sucked in a breath of air and said...,'S*#T!'... I never remember to keep these outbursts at a calm level no matter how small the crisis actually is and I almost give my poor husband a heart attack every time. I immediately followed the little outburst with a moaning, ' I forgot the camera bag'. No turning back however as we were on a tight schedule to get to our overnight stop.

I was, however, determined not to let this little upset get to me. Hubby was convinced that I was going to be mopey because I couldn't click away the whole weekend as I had planned. My folks were expecting snow you know... I defiantley told him I would be fine, no mopeyness from this camera happy chappy.

My parents live between Kokstad and Cedarville in KZN, on the border of the Eastern Cape. When we drive down to see them we take the highway until Howick and then climb off and take a beautiful scenic route through Bulwer, Underberg and Swartberg. As usual we stopped for a little something to eat at the Duck and Dolittle farm just outside Underberg. It was cold, really cold. We found a place to sit by the fire and revelled in it's heat.

Ten minutes after leaving the D&D, we found ourselves driving through snow! Bliss I tell you! and Excitement! Neither of us has ever seen snow fall before this, so it was magnificent to experience together. I jumped up and down in my seat like a little girl :) It was around this point that I had a tiny smidgen of regret at not being able to capture this on camera and Hubster suggested pulling out the good ole cellphones. Such a genius I tell you! Love my Man to the moon and back :)

It didn't quite catch the snowflakes, I think they were a bit too fleeting. I did however manage to capture the cold and iced window of my door. I like to think those are snowflakes on the window...and not bits of ice...just sayin.



  1. What a wonderful story, P. You are such a romantic!!

  2. So how come I only just got to know about this blog?....hmmm?....hmmmm?
    So glad you got to experience a little of the Magical White Stuff.....nothing else like it, is there?
    Didn't see any penguins, though.....didja?.....HA!

  3. Hmmm, I do believe that there are, in fact, penguins near Cape Town :)
    I personally think the windows have steamed up for a different reason entirely. Just sayin'

  4. LOL C! Would have to agree with you on the steamy windows.

    P, was expecting a photo of hand against sheet of white paper so you could convince one and all it was snow. Happy you got to experience but remember open offer to come shovel anytime you want. S, that goes for you as well.


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