Wednesday, August 17, 2011


FORA stands for Friends Of Rescued Animals. What a good, no, what a GREAT cause! FORA is a pro-life animal haven for cats and dogs. Pro-life, meaning they do not put any of the animals to sleep should they not be adopted within a specific period of time.

Hubby and I had a bittersweet moment with some of these animals over the weekend. Sweet because we had the joy of seeing so many animals on display, well taken care of and waiting to be housed. Bitter because we have no more room in our house for another animal. I think we both wished we could take a few of them home that day. Big dogs, puppies and cats alike.

 A lot of these animals are picked up as strays, some have been abused. It is sad to see. It wrenches my heart even as I type because some people out there really don't love the animals God gave us to take care of and love. At the same time, I applaud the people who work at this shelter, cleaning, feeding and loving each and every life that lives there.

I used the opportunity to take a few pics of the lovelies in their cages, maybe one of my South African neighbours will see this post and find it in their hearts to adopt an animal, or make a donation to this worthy cause. Overseas readers can make online donations on their website
Now go home and hug your furry friends, and be thankful you have them to look after...just sayin.


  1. Oh what a great group of ickle sweeties!
    Bonnie, our aged black labrador was brought home, aged about 2 years, from our local dog pound....she'd been left there by a young couple who said she was too big for their nice modern apartment......what?!
    We know that she's got a lot of arthritis, and she's now about 12 years old, so we'll probably not have her for much longer, and I will be distraught when it happens.....but will never understand how humans can treat animals in such a way.
    In 42 years of marriage, we've always had a dog, and they've always been from the dog pound...and each one has been treasured and loved greatly.
    So glad there are organisations who really do make a difference.
    Rant over...ha!

  2. P, gives me goose bumps. Rescue animals have always been our pets, dogs and cats alike. Each attaches to your heart.


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