Monday, August 29, 2011

A card and AiFactory news...

I had quite a productive weekend, crafted to my heart's content! This means you're (hopefully) in for a good blog viewing week people!

I also have some exciting news about AiFactory, we'll be having a blog hop on Friday and participants stand the chance to win some good stuff! I'll be first on the list, so pop round then to find out what it's all about :)

I have a really quick, CAS card to show you all today. A bit of scrap paper, some ribbon and a die cut and I was good to go :) it's another birthday card for my comissioned list, here's hoping they like it!

I stamped the sentiment with black Stazon, and inked all other edges in black as well. Because the pattern of the paper and the butterfly were so busy, I didn't layer more than one matt.

I layered two of the same butterfly, which by the way, I have had for more than nine years! yes, it pays to hoard. This just proves that I was in love with paper when I was still at school and completely green to the papercrafting world :)

Hope you all have a fantastic day ahead of you, I'll be back tomorrow, for a Tuesday Tutorial!



  1. Stunning card P! Proves you had a "good eye" even back then. Love it.

  2. That is a lovely card. Agree, it is good to hoard!

  3. My my...a flutterby....ha!
    Anything with a butterfly gets my vote, and whoever receives this birthday card will treasure's beautiful, P!


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