Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - An altered Tin

I know this has been done countless times by many crafters, but I just had to jump on the bandwagon :) An empty tin just has so much potential to become a beautiful storage item.

When we finished a tin of coffee, I decided to swipe the empty storage unit and turn it into a storage tin for my felt flowers (of which I still have to make...more on this another day though). Here is a before and after of the actual tin, with and without it's coffee label.

Perfect for storage, no? so, here is the list of supplies you will need to follow my tutorial:

1 x Tin (label removed, inside washed clean and dried)
Pattern Paper (enough to go around the whole tin, and the top of the lid)
Cardstock (contrasting colour)
Ribbon ( I used two different kinds)
embellishments (I included, flowers, feathers and bling on my project)

I originally thought I was going to add some embossing to this project, that is why the cuttlebug is featured in the above photo. I decided against it in the end. The felt and chipboard flowers were used to make felt Flowers...more on this in next week's Tuesday tutorial.

Craft knife/Cutting cool
Craft scissors
Double sided tape
Scalloped ruler/template or punch
Circle cutter

Ok, so now that you have all your stuff, the first thing you need to do is measure the height of the tin, between the inner edges. This will determine the height of your pattern paper needed. Cut your paper to size. Run double sided tape around the tin. I ran about five lines of tape to ensure that the paper would stick flush. Adhere the paper. Now take your cardstock piece (must be long enough to fit around the tin) and trace and cut, or punch a scalloped line along one of the horizontal edges.


Adhere the scalloped strip, scallops facing down, to the top edge of your tin. Now adhere ribbon to the centre line of your scallop strip, using double sided tape. I also adhered a thick lace ribbon to the bottom edge of my tin, making sure I hid the silver ridges of the bottom edge.


I then followed by adding a ruffled ribbon over the lace, I am too girly for words ok :) Next up is the lid. The lid of this particular tin is plastic and had ridges on it. It was somewhat difficult for me to cover but I got it right. Hopefully your lids will be flush and flat. Start by measuring the size circle you need to cover the lid. Cut the circle needed. Apply double sided tape to the lid. Adhere the circle. Embellish to your hearts content.


I added a few more embellishments to my tin after this, to tie in the elaborate flowers and feather work on the lid.


The finished storage tin now looks like this:


I quite enjoyed myself when I put this together and it really was one of the quickest projects I have attempted in a while. I find decorating 3d items much easier than cards and scrapbook pages... go figure!
So, hope you find the tutorial interesting and of some help. Send me a link to your altered item if this inspired you :) I'd love to see your take on it. Until tomorrow, have a stunner of a Tuesday!

I just so happened to pop by the Top tip Tuesday blog and they have a shabby chic challenge going. I thought I might just enter :) I also have a shabby chic tip to offer up.
When trying to achieve the shabby look, always over ink. It ages your pages/projects and gives more dimension to the overall effect.



  1. You go girly, girl. Lovely project but must admit not one I will be doing. Tend to use tins for storing but just leave the way they are - only addition a label telling me what is in there. Second reason not for me - requires use of craft knife and that's not a good combination. Love the look of your tin though, very pretty! Looking forward to flower tutorial ;)

  2. What a fancy storage tin you now have and a great detailed tutorial.

  3. Beautiful! You can make me one when your free!LOL! Fab tip (I was a bit scared to use ink when i did mine!) Thanks for playing along with us this week at Top Tip Tuesday and our shabby chic challenge! Good Luck and hope to see you again very soon! xx

  4. I like this project, I also love doing tins. Very useful, even filled with cookies for gifts.

  5. Perfect storage item for your flowers and I love that you went "green" and recycled! :D Gorgeous color choices and what a fun project to use over and over again.
    Thanks so much for sharing this and your tip with us at Top Tip Tuesday for our "Shabby Chic" challenge. :)
    Lisa xx

  6. A beautiful project. Great recycling and fun to make. Thanks for joining Top Tip Tuesday. Elaine

  7. I do love doing things likethis to tin with lids! I bet it still (even after washing) has a fab coffeee whiff!! (or maybe not...my dish washer is rubber!)


  8. I agree, you are so girlie girlie! The only feathers I have in the house are from a moth-eaten feather duster! Need to know what you're keeping in your tin though? Looking forward to next weeks tutorial already :)

  9. Amazing job! The uses for this are endless. :)

  10. What a great idea--love the tutorial. Love the colors and all the flowers--very pretty.

  11. Beautiful Recycling project! I really love it, Thanks for playing along this week at top Tip Tuesday with our 'shabby chic challenge!

    Don't miss this weeks 1st Birthday bash and challenge hugs Samantha - Top Tip Tuesday :0)


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