Friday, August 19, 2011

Tag, you're it! + a Tutorial!

Unbenownst to Claire (see comment on yesterday's post), I already had today's post planned out. So I will not be posting Week 20 of my year in review today. That can wait until Tuesday...after I've posted my two easy peasy Tutorials. ok? ok.

So I saw this idea a long time ago on Kazan Clark's blog called Nunu toolies. I do not remember which post, but I remembered the gist of the project. When I saw these at the Crazy Store for only ten rand, a really cheap store here in SA where you can buy all sorts of crazy stuff, I couldn't resist.

Don't you think this is a clever way to 'mark' glasses at a function? Each person will know which glass is theirs because they have a unique tag attached to them. Granted I could have left these as they were bought, but being a crafter, I had to make it my own.

First things first, get all your supplies together:
1 x pack glass charms
1 x scrap cardstock
1 x contrasting scrap cardstock for the base of the charm (pattern will work well here I think, though I did not use it)
beads in a matching or contrasting colour
Scrap Ribbon

Swiss dots cuttlebug folder
Circle punch
Craft knife/paper trimmer
Craft scissores, plain and pattern

Start by removing one of the charms from the package. Open the clasp to release the hold. You will notice that the bend in the end of the clasp, prevents you from removing the beads and charm that the manufacturers have put on. Take your pliers and bend this piece ever so slightly until you are able to remove the beads and charm. Be careful not to break the wire. Now, slip on the first half of your selected beads and put the loop aside.

Take the first piece of scrap paper and using a small circle punch, punch out a circle. Run the circle through your cuttlebug in the swiss dots folder and ink all edges. Note, I asked my trusty craft assistant to help me with my cuttlebug procedure. Thanks Honey!


Now place the circle onto your base scrap piece. Measuring a good border around the circle, cut a square from the base paper. Do not adhere the circle to this piece just yet. Take a pair of pattern cutting scissor and cut along one of the edges to make a pretty border. Run it through the cuttlebug and ink all edges.


Go back to your embossed circle, turn it over and stick a piece of folded ribbon to the back, letting a piece overhang. Stick this down onto the base piece. Embellish as desired.


Pierce a hole with your paper piercer in one corner of the completed tag, thread the wire loop through this, following with the rest of your chosen beads. Take your pliers and bend the end of the loop back to it's original position.


Your glass marker is now complete and ready to be used! wrap the loop around the stem of a wine glass and close the clasp.

You're ready to party!

There is more to this tutorial, we will be adding another embellishment to the glass. It would look really lovely at a table setting. So, join me on Monday to find out what I made! Until then, have a Blessed Weekend! Happy Friday!



  1. How cute with the square piece! I think you may want to put something like Glossy Accents on that part to save it from condensed water that may run down the sides of the glass...

  2. Trina, you are such a genius! I think I might just do that...

  3. Clever you sell these in that shop that buys your stuff....just sayin'....ha!

  4. Great tutorial - clear and easy to understand!

  5. This is a fab creation and idea Petra! I've used those cheapie glass jewels forever, but taken the beads and charms off them, to use on cards... how clever you are to use the rings and make new personalised charms! (I've never thought of that!)
    hugs and blessings from Australia,

  6. Oh.... and please swing on by the StretchNBubbles blog .... you'll need to read one of the recent posts!
    hugs and blessings from Australia,


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