Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy smurf day!

Ok, not really, but it's close enough :) I think I've done pretty well these last few posts to expand my blog a little. I love cards, but I also love scrapbooking and altered items. Because cards are so much quicker to put together, I tend to craft them more than I do the others.

I'm back to showing you all a card today, I have a few birthday cards commissioned for the end of this month so I need to get my butt moving. Today's post brings one of the first cards I made for the batch. It so reminds me of watching the smurf cartoon when I was a child, just because of the colour of the blue I used to colour the image.

I chose an image from Tiddlyinks called Fairyhouse, it is a freebie that I recieved a very long time ago. I used my Sharpies to colour it in and then fussy cut to adhere to the card. You can see lines where the colour dried before I could finish colouring, hubby reckons it looks intentional and that it gives dimension to the mushroom, bless his heart :)

The happy birthday sentiment is another freebie by an unknown artist, if you recognise it please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due. I coloured the edges with my sharpies on this as well. I adhered to the card over a layer of ribbon (courtesy of one of my International pals), complete with a double bow!

I've started to become less attached to my stash and brave enought to actually use things. So out came the treasured maya road pins and some of my flowers...

I used the Cuttlebug swiss dots folder to emboss the yellow cardstock that forms part of the card matt. All paper except for my card base came out of my massive scrap stash pile...I echo my friend Anne-Marie in saying that every time I blink the pile seems to grow a little taller. I'm hoping it begins to dimish soon, I've even resolved to not buying anything new (except adhesives) for my entire stash until it's all used up...gulp* Here's the finished card:

That's it for today folks! Catch you again tomorrow :) Hope you have a Fantastic day!



  1. P, some vows are meant to be broken...
    Very cute card and don't tell hubby, but I agree - the "lines" look intentional. Sometimes I have to work very hard to get that look. Flower is nice but loving those leaves - never saw those before. Also, bow is done well. Heck, I just think this is one cute card all around. They were wise to commission you!

  2. Brave words, P! I can see furtive guilty craft shopping trips in your future.
    Great card again - do you ever have bad carfting days? I think not.

  3. Oh what a cute card. Love the image, and yes I can see why it reminded you of smurfs. I have one here that my grandsons love to play with.

  4. Smurfs?....very retro P! Did ya know they're making a come-back? Bet we see the ickle fellas on cards, soon....ya heard it here first, lol!
    Lovin' the card....I've got both those freebies and couldn't say where they came from...sorry...but it was sometime ago, as you said.
    I want to live in that ickle house....love your colouring....and okay...won't send spit!

  5. Ribbon envy here, Petra.lol. Great card, but it is the flower that gets me, just love it.

  6. Sorry, also ment to congratulate you on your win over at Stretch N' Bubbles site. Well done.


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